Speak Out: Sussex way of life

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Barbara A. Dailey headlined “Proposed store detrimental to Sussex way of life” wherein she discusses a proposal for a 7-Eleven convenience store in Angola:

•This ongoing flight against the building of retail/shopping areas in the Lewes/Rehoboth, etc. area is just exhausting. Perhaps if the planners did not continue to allow endless residential building there would not be so many efforts to build new shopping of all sorts to service the unending residential sprawl. No Target, No Kohl’s, A Walmart that outgrew itself a decade ago and a KMart closing in a week.

People who live here need decent places to shop and no the outlets do not offer the type of products locals need on a weekly basis. At this point all of the NIMBY self-serving righteousness is beyond maddening. People shop. People eat. People put gas in their cars. The more people, the more need for those services. Let’s concentrate on the over building of endless residential and then perhaps the need for the rest of the new building will take care of itself. Uggh. — Dale Davis

•Ms Dailey seems to be the kind of person we want here. Most transplants are trying to escape the bill for the way of life they want. So, welcome to Delaware. South Philly (AKA Wilmington) runs the state; Dover makes their rule happen. — Charles Miller.

•Welcome to Sussex County, Delaware. It’s clear that as long as the influx of people like yourself keep moving this way there’s more need to keep building. If you truly wanted to keep Sussex County the way it’s “supposed” to be then my suggestion to you is to move back to where you came from. Or be prepared for drastic changes and save your energy of writing and your way of thinking. — Kristie Clark

•Ms. Dailey describes the awakening of new migrants as they find what Sussex County planners have in mind. As they express their dismay, they are met with criticism as being part of the problem and are told to “move back.” Much thoughts and investments go into deciding where to move, especially to a new state. Natives should find each migrant’s decision to move here as a compliment to their native land

Why the Conditional Use for 7-Eleven must not be approved:

In Hartigan vs. Sussex Board of Adjustment appeal case of 2018, the court cited, “Section 115-15 clearly states that uses not specifically listed are prohibited.”

The following Sussex Codes do not list a Fueling Station as permitted land use in AR-1:

§ 115-20 Permitted uses.

§ 115-21 Permitted accessory uses.

§ 115-22 Conditional uses.

§ 115-23 Special use exceptions.

•In a recent commentary Ms. Dailey stated she was a new resident to Sussex County and did not like the way the County and DelDOT is addressing growth in the area. I cannot understand her logic. If you do not like the impacts of the rapid growth of the area, why move here and contribute to it and then complain? — Patrick Kennedy