Speak Out: Teens and crime

In a Sunday story, Dover Police Cpl. Terrence Knight said he sees the path some kids take and t’s “gut-wrenching and depressing” at times. He cried during one recent interaction with a wayward youth.

The area’s recent shooting surge regularly involved teens either pulling the trigger or being wounded by the gunfire.

About a third of the incidents affected someone connected to Parkway Academy in the past or present; many knew family or friends involved, Cpl. Knight said.

• So, the state’s solution is to throw taxpayer money at it and enable the problem even further and campaign that they have the solution. The solution is jobs and less government support. It’s called ownership and not government slavery.. — Robert Hawthorne

• This is the result of multiple generations of families raised by the government. Nothing is respected, nothing is earned and nothing is taught. — Stephen Terrance Herd

• Parents need to raise their kids. Even a single parent. Kids have to want to live a better life. If they don’t, they can’t be helped. — Lisa Garber

• Great article. I appreciate Dover Police Cpl. Terrence Knight sharing this information and also the clear sincerity of his efforts to try and guide these children when he comes in contact with them. This felt like an honest assessment with compassion. — Lorraine Renee