Speak Out: The will of the people?

Will of the people?

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Frank Daniels headlined “The continued evisceration of our Constitution” wherein he states “It is now apparent that the Democrats will do anything to overturn the exercised will of the people in the 2016 election.”

• The election of this president wasn’t the will of the people. The people voted for Hillary Clinton by more than 3 million votes. The electoral college elected this president not the will of the people! — Brendan Warner

• Electoral college is in place so the looney libs and the Coastal Elite don’t drive this country into the ground! — Daniel Korup

•Thank God for the electoral college. Without it we’d be doomed. Hey Dems, how about putting America first in 2020? — Frank L Makray

• All the sore losers talked about before the election was the road to 270. Now the electoral college is evil because it didn’t go their way. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Brendan, you make a simple factual statement and all the comments are off the wall. If the Republicans had any confidence in their mandate they would just say yes you are right and move on. The coverup is always worse than the crime. — William Mazzariello

•If you understand the electoral college than you understand why is is the rightly elected president. Enough with the crying. Get over it. It’s not like the electoral college is something new. — Eric Marquis

•And if you understand the Constitution then you know why “Donnie Bananas” was impeached since he was soliciting help from a foreign government for his own campaign purposes while holding back congressionally approved military assistance from that foreign government. Therefore, he was putting his personal interests ahead of national security. — Kenneth Dickerson

• Obviously those brainwashed with Trump’s rhetoric are blind to the facts. Poor babies. The first sentence of the “opinion” is a fallacy. “The WILL OF THE PEOPLE”! was that Trump not be elected! The will of the electorates (potentially influenced by the Russian propaganda machine that Trump enlisted to brainwash Americans with falsities). — Dennis Norwood

•No the will of the electoral college, not the people. He didn’t win the most votes just the right ones. It’s past time to correct that mistake. — Lani Cotton

• Yes it was the will of the people. Sorry that the electoral college made voting fair. Imagine if we just let Commifornia, Commie New York, and the rest of the communist left states vote. We would all be in prison camps waiting for our “free” government handouts. — Brady Allen