Speak Out: ‘This was a catastrophe’: Capital still fighting to fix school

It’s been months since a tornado stemming from Tropical Storm Isaias struck and caused structural damage to William Henry Middle School during the summer, but the building is still no closer to occupancy. When Isaias careened through Delaware on Aug. 4, it hit William Henry hard. The roof over the gym was destroyed, allowing for rain to fall in the building. The school itself was “contorted,” causing stress fractures in the brick and structural problems, said Adewunmi Kuforiji, the district’s interim assistant superintendent.

• What is our local government doing, besides ignoring this?! — Ed Bliem

• As a 20-year teacher at WHMS and a former student, this is absolutely heartbreaking to us. We have no home. Twenty years of teaching has been thrown into boxes in the small gym. It’s heartbreaking. — Taryn Charles Torbert

• What about using the reserve fund to get the ball rolling? — Kay Marie

• The First State and the Capital School District deserve better for our students, staff and city. — Patti Smith

Georgia certifies election for Biden

Georgia’s top elections official certified that Joe Biden won the state’s presidential election after a hand tally stemming from a mandatory audit affirmed the Democrat’s lead over Republican President Donald Trump.

• They recounted the same fraudulent votes. — Rebecca Cebenka Welch

• Republicans are such poor losers. — Susan Janis

• If the numbers are there because the people did wrong, a recount will not do anything stupid. Look at the votes to see what was legal and quit using the machine. — Brian Cullen

• Daddy always told me, “Figures lie, and liars figure.” — Bob Hice

• When you don’t know, they can tell you anything. — Robert Hawthorne

• Just curious  … what political party is this man who purports to be unbiased affiliated with? — Dennis Kirkwood

• He is a Republican. — Timothy Dorsey