Speak Out: Tons of oiled debris cleared on beaches

As cleanup to a widespread oil spill continued Monday, officials urged the public not to handle any affected material or try to assist wildlife along the Delaware coastline. The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control said about 55 tons of oiled debris had been removed from beaches as of Sunday afternoon in a combined effort with the U.S. Coast Guard. The debris was enough to fill four construction dumpsters, DNREC said.

• And what is happening with the shorebirds and ducks? — Howard Gaines III

• This situation calls for more deregulating. — Tommy Bou

Remote learning adds extra level of stress for Delaware teachers

Wendy Turner a past recipient of Delaware Teacher of the Year honors hasn’t felt this overwhelmed since she became a new mother 15 years ago. “It is absolutely difficult and challenging,” she said. “Unequivocally, teachers are not OK.” Life wasn’t just uprooted for the students when education was first forced to shift last school year; it radically changed how educators do their jobs. And while teachers remain dedicated, it doesn’t mean the situation they’re in is easy.

• Remote learning adds stress to children and teachers in every state! — Maxine Meyer

• It’s sad that some people are laughing at this. My kids’ teachers are all doing their absolute best in my opinion, but this is new and stressful for everyone. These teachers do care about helping these kids succeed and do well, and the remote learning situation has not made their job easier, regardless of what some people seem to think. — Wren Allen

• Add double that amount of stress to the parents trying to juggle multiple kids’ remote learning, with different schedules, different teachers and the constant changes/calls and emails. — Ashlee Funes

• As well as the children. — Lisa Reedy Olechny

• No doubt. On parents and kids, too! Everybody is overtaxed. Why we need to be aware of the biology of stress/fear/trauma. — Shay Seaborne