Speak Out: Trump halts relief talks

President Donald Trump abandoned COVID-19 relief talks on Tuesday, saying they won’t resume until after the election. The move came as the chairman of the Federal Reserve said that further fiscal intervention is needed to prevent the economy from spiraling downward.

• Does anyone else think this president realizes he is going to lose bigly in November and wants to do as much damage as he can before leaving office and his indictments shortly thereafter? — Brendan Warner

• What in Pelosi’s bill do we absolutely need? — Kevin McCarthy

• It is not the responsibility of the federal government to fund and bail out these blue states who have for years financially destroyed their states with their radical leftist programs and agendas and allowed their destruction with the Democrat-sponsored riots and looting! Democrats are holding the American people hostage for blue state bailouts. Pelosi owns this 100%! — Marc Auger

• Take a look at Uncle Mitch’s Kentucky or the state of Mississippi. Gather that data, then come back and talk about the “blue” states. — Eddie Curley

• More of the same Republican talking points. Who are you trying to kid? This president has held the American people hostage for four years. — Brendan Warner

• And that is why this country is so divided, because some people see red and blue. — Mandy Cupeto

• Just curious, but what about the states with Democratic governors, but the citizens voted for Trump like Michigan? Michigan was one of the states that put Trump over the edge. They don’t deserve some help? — Liza Forgetta

• Good. All the Democrats want is socialist ideas in this bill, which does nothing for the average American. Vote these fools and Make America Great Again! — Doug Poore

• Socialist ideas? He is a draft dodger that was just treated at Walter Reed. The irony. — Debbie Dickerson

• He wants them to focus on getting his Supreme Court pick through. — Sally Turner