Speak Out: Trump pressures states to reopen schools

President Donald Trump on Tuesday launched an all-out effort to reopen schools this fall, arguing that some are keeping schools closed not because of the coronavirus pandemic, but for political reasons against the will of families. He did not immediately explain how he would pressure governors.

• Trump knows nothing about education that would qualify him to make that statement. Worse yet, he’s trying to get back to normal for his benefit and not for the lives involved. I believe that decision is the state’s decision with the input of school leaders to see how the best can be achieved safely. — Connie Rossi

• Sadly, he will cut any federal funding where applicable if states don’t comply. It is so predictable. — Amy Fritchman

• Thankfully, he cannot cut most education funding. That’s direct from Congress. — Benjamin Black

• States’ rights. — Joe Frggale

• And watch how many return. Just saying: As a parent, we know what’s best for our children! — Amy Marie Banks

• I sure hope so, for all of those children whose only peace was at school. The only bright light they could see in their lives was school. Their only hope of someone helping them or feeling love. It has kept me awake at night many nights since schools were closed. My mom’s only peace was at school as a child. — Ashlee Funes

• Kids have been passing germs on to each other forever. This virus will not be a threat if done well. Just like always, do not send your child to school sick. Do your part. — Eve Angelique

• What about the many children who are cared for by grandparents? The germs kids were passing forever were not this deadly. I was testing patients before there were drive-up testing centers, without eye protection. I bought the largest pair of sunglasses I could find to try and protect myself. It’s people who have not seen what this disease can do that make these frankly silly statements. This is exactly why I don’t tell my hairdresser what to do, or my contractor, or my accountant. They took the time to learn about their profession. Now, everyone is an expert in disease? I’m related to an electrical engineer and an electrician. Should I wire your home? — Neece Taylor

• I just hope parents are prepared to explain what school will actually look like. Little Susie may not be attending on the same day as her friends, because classes need to be split. They will eat lunch alone, socially distance during recess, no more teamwork. It will be too risky. Six feet away will be our new reminder. — Tanisha Seeney-Carney

• What’s wrong with taking advice from medical professionals? Why would they take advice from Trump over medical professionals? — Christine Buckley

• My son is in high school. He can do his academic classes at home. He needs his trade training. They have to work something out for trade school. He can read, write and do basic math. He’ll survive without algebra and biology. Our trade students need their trade training. I hope they can at least work that out. I do feel bad for the parents of younger kids or teachers with their own kids. This at-home/online school is difficult for many, especially for those who can’t work from home or try to work from home and help their kids. It’s tough all-around for everyone. — April Sarandrea

• Taxpayers in communities should pay close attention to the kind of education their children are getting. — Kathy Phillips-Page

• This is stupid and irresponsible. They don’t care about American lives. — Rick Reed