Speak Out: Trump sues in Pennsylvania, Michigan; asks for Wis. recount

President Donald Trump’s campaign filed lawsuits Wednesday in Pennsylvania and Michigan, laying the groundwork for contesting the outcome in undecided battlegrounds that could determine whether he gets another four years in the White House. The new filings, joining existing Republican legal challenges in Pennsylvania and Nevada, demand better access for campaign observers in locations where ballots are being processed and counted, the campaign said. However, at one Michigan location in question The Associated Press observed poll watchers from both sides monitoring Wednesday.

• Only cheaters need lawyers. — Charles Cobb

• Only cheaters have a problem with the process being followed and meaningfully monitored by both sides. No one should have a problem with transparency. — Nathan Allen

• Tampering with votes is voter fraud. That’s exactly what happened when poll workers gave voters felt tip pens and Sharpies to vote with. – Dawn Paugh Smith

• The secretary of elections was on CNN and directly disputed this, saying it was absolutely false. The votes that are marked with sharpies are being counted. – Jenna Mazzarelli

• The Democrats planted the seed that President Trump wouldn’t accept the election results so that everyone would call him a sore loser when they stole the election   – Mary Grampp Brown

• They should be following rules letting them observe for valid ballots. This is doing the right thing by the American people! – Nicole Lynn Powell

• Each ballot has a Democrat, Republican and independent adjudicator. They are very transparent with the process and it’s all observed. They are following state rules, not Trump’s rules. – Jon Strasser

• He has said he would not accept a loss. To me, that is childish and a slap in the face to every citizen who voted for their voice to be heard. — Wendy Graden Tindall

• In 2016, Hillary Clinton took the high road and accepted her loss. It’s a shame that Trump wants to still cause chaos. — Kathy Kendall Lloyd

• Truth hurts. People really hate Trump. — Rob Smith

• We the people should sue Trump for inciting violence in polling places. — PaTricia Ann Goldsmith