Speak Out: Trump threatens military force

President Donald Trump threatened on Monday to deploy the United States military unless states quickly halted the violent protests that have convulsed cities from coast to coast. Minutes before President Trump began speaking, police and National Guard soldiers began aggressively forcing back hundreds of peaceful protesters who had gathered in Lafayette Park, across the street from the White House, where they were chanting against police brutality and the Minneapolis death of George Floyd. The demonstrators in Lafayette Park were cleared so that after his brief statement, President Trump could walk across the park to St. John’s Episcopal Church. Holding a Bible, he then stood with several of his Cabinet members as the cameras clicked.

• I watched this live. This was a very peaceful protest. Trump is a shameless piece of garbage. He will do anything for a photo op. That’s what celebrities do. – Sabrina Kennedy

• There is a huge difference between protesting, rioting and looting. – Brendan Warner

• He’s reckless. I just can’t get it that his supporters, those with children, can support a man that most parents teach our children not to be: not to lie, brag, admit fault, apologize, to show humility, to give credit to others and so forth. How can they teach their children to be responsible adults yet support such a morally bankrupt man as Trump? – Michael Jones

• That photo op was sacrilegious. He didn’t go there to pray. He held the Bible up like a prop. – Connie Rossi

• He cares not for the American people, the constitutional role of the military and clear advice from generals. He is a bully who believes the American military, the finest in the world, is an extension for his bullying. He is the poster of impotence. The countdown to being voted out is ticking ever louder. – Peter Murray

• So, he’s the bully and forced everyone to buy Obamacare? He’s the one that bullied the stimulus so Pelosi’s daughter could give back 5 million to the DNC through the Kennedy Center for the Arts? – Jimmy Bialota Sr.

• Well, he is making Russia great again. – William Mazzariello

• He’s trying to start a civil war! – Joanne Harris Herrick

• Does he even go to church? – Terrie Spires Cox

• He worships at the vault at Wells Fargo. – Charles Cobb

• Trump is just trying to placate his radically militant base. – Susan Janis

• What an embarrassment to humanity. Pepper-balling church members and medics in order to ambush a church so he can hold the Christian Bible upside down. That book is not a publicity stunt. – Eileen Patricia