Speak Out: Trump vs. Kelly

President Donald Trump on Thursday lashed out against former White House chief of staff John Kelly for being disloyal after the ex-adviser came to the defense of a former national security aide who offered key testimony in the impeachment inquiry.

The president’s comments targeting Kelly came after Kelly defended Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who was among administration officials who raised concerns about Trump’s July phone call with Ukraine’s president. That call spurred the president’s impeachment trial, which ended in acquittal last week.

“Like so many X’s, he misses the action & just can’t keep his mouth shut,. which he actually has a military and legal obligation to do,” Trump tweeted about Kelly. “His incredible wife, Karen, who I have a lot of respect for, once pulled me aside & said strongly that ‘John respects you greatly. When we are no longer here, he will only speak well of you.’ Wrong!”

Kelly, speaking at a public forum on Wednesday in Morristown, New Jersey, said that Vindman did exactly as he was trained in raising concerns to his superiors after hearing “questionable” comments from Trump, according to a report by The Atlantic magazine. Vindman was ousted last week from his position as a Ukraine specialist detailed to the White House National Security Council.

• Kelly is a never Trumper. What did anyone expect him to say? — Mark Schmalhofer

• I have yet to see anything that says Vindman went to his “superiors”. IF, a very big IF, he had done that, were there really an issue, he would still have a job in The White House. He didn’t he volunteered to be a liberal, anti-Trump patsy. “you want to play, you have to pay”. — Dennis Mehrenberg

• If he went to his White House “superiors” he would have silenced, like the other White House staffers. To the Trumpers, anyone who doesn’t follow the Fearless Leader’s line is a NonTrumper. — Patrick R. Weaver

• Guess you never watched the cross examination. Everything he had to say was only based on his own opinion. — Jeff Grzeszczak

•His boss in the White House was John Bolton. He went to John Bolton and was told “Talk to the lawyers”. That’s just what he did.— John Gemma

• If he would have went to Trump himself he would get fired because Don and the truth have a really, really big problem with each other. — Gary Greer

• Amazing how everyone is dishonest, lies, abuses their power except for the one who stole from his own charity. — William Mazzariello

• This is a story about someone who told a story he heard about from someone else… ughhhh. — Sharon Lee Ponsell