Speak Out: Trump’s disrespect for military personnel

A recent letter writer said that perhaps the president’s approval ratings among active duty military personnel would not continue slipping if he were not so critical of their efforts to protect us from foreign and domestic enemies.

• That’s kinda funny considering all the support he has for the military and they just got the biggest raise in like 10 years.  ­­— T.J. Pawlikowski

You realize that you are working in a socialism job right? Trump’s policy would eliminate your position and put it in the private sector, where your benefits and pay would be cut because of profits.  I love these people who are claiming being better off yet do not fully understand the impacts of the economy on them. Trump has redirected funding for military families to his wall construction. His new proposals will also direct military funding that would go to military family projects instead to build his wall. Trump gives people a dime on the front side, while taking a quarter on the back side. Yup, 15 cents in the hole. — Dennis Norwood

• He denied any injuries to the troops in the raid that killed Soleman. News media reported nearly 100 suffered, guess they had propaganda injuries. — Elaine Russell Ringler

• The injuries were reported later. Our President gave a briefing within several hours of Iran’s attack. — Mark Blair

• And the president has downplayed the injuries and their severity. Head injuries caused by concussive events (i.e., BOMBS exploding) and traumatic brain injuries are not “just a headache.” — Brian P Slattery