Speak Out: Trump’s ousters

President Donald Trump ousted Gordon Sondland, his ambassador to the European Union, who delivered damaging testimony during the impeachment inquiry. Sondland said in a statement Friday that Trump intends to recall him effectively immediately. The action came just hours after Alexander Vindman, the decorated soldier and national security aide who played a central role in the impeachment case, was escorted out of the White House complex.

The decorated soldier and national security aide who played a central role in the Democrats’ impeachment case against President Donald Trump was escorted out of the White House complex on Friday,

•Good riddance. You either get with the program or you hit the road. — Tony DeFeo

• You tell the truth about me, you’re fired. — Amy Walton

• If I had an employee working for me who didn’t agree with my business model or process, I’d fire them too. — Lisa Bell

•That may not be in your company’s best interest. Being able to separate your personal feelings from business is not easy for most. If I had an employee that may not like me personally but had my business’ best interest at heart and was doing his job thus making me money, I WOULDN’T fire him/her. I may not have lunch with them, but I definitely wouldn’t fire them. Someone worse may take their place that may not have me or the company’s best interest in heart. At any rate, I’m not surprised by this. This administration has had the highest turnover of any in history and I’m sure most of those that left were much more qualified than those currently there. — Michael Jones

• Hope 45 isn’t expecting more campaign money from him. — Sheryl Pizzadili

• Article 92 of The UCMJ. You people need to wake up, stop defending the bad, just because it is attached to a D and pay attention. Vindman(s) has/have not lost their jobs. Yet. In spite of what their lying lawyer has stated. But, they could. They may well face courts martial. Vindman was not following orders. he took it upon himself, with some behind the scenes prodding, to testify against his boss. Someone who did not offer any unlawful orders, so there is not protection.— Dennis Mehrenberg

• Illegal orders or action, need not to follow. Stop defending, stop appeasing the criminal. — Patrick R. Weaver

• Remember, the Nazis tried to argue that they were just following orders when they murdered the Jews in the camps. Just because someone tells you to pull a trigger or not work with police, doesn’t make it suddenly legal. You need conviction and understanding of what is wrong and right. Apparently with your post it’s clear that many in this country don’t know what that is. — Craig Walter

• They were advisors, they serve at the pleasure of the president. They made their choice, now they live with the consequences. Some of y’all got too many participation trophies in life. — Bob Skuse

• He either fires them, they get indicted or remain in place and are as incompetent as he is but yeah, drain the swamp.— William Mazzariello