Speak Out: Twitter changes hacked content rules

Twitter was wrong to block weblinks to an unverified political story, CEO Jack Dorsey said Friday, as the company responded to criticism over its handling of the story that had prompted cries of censorship from the right. 

• Big Tech and the mainstream media are actively trying to influence the election by suppressing news. — Rob Holley

• Doesn’t concern me in the least. Joe Biden could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone, and he wouldn’t lose any votes. — Brendan Warner

• Twitter and Facebook are interfering in a U.S. election and should be charged as so. Treason is no joke.  — Diane Butters-Eastburn

• When will AT&T do the same because they don’t like our conversations? — Howard Gaines III

• U.S. intelligence agencies were warning the White House from 2019 on that Rudy Giuliani was being used by Russian intelligence agents as a tool in a misinformation campaign. But the White House was too inept/weak/incapable of acting, and this whole misinformation debacle we’re all seeing has now blown up in their faces. Moral of story: Listen to your intelligence agencies. — Mary Anderson

• Too bad the practice of “confirming stories” before they are disseminated only applies to stories that damage the left. It’s not that these stories are ever verified; they are just suppressed. — Kristin Anne Wirth