Speak Out: U.S. versus Iran

Iran vowed “harsh retaliation” for a U.S. airstrike near Baghdad’s airport that killed a top Iranian general who had been the architect of its interventions across the Middle East, as tensions soared in the wake of the targeted killing.

The killing of Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran’s elite Quds Force, marks a major escalation in the standoff between Washington and Iran, which has careened from one crisis to another since President Donald Trump withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal and imposed crippling sanctions.

• There was no way Trump would allow a repeat of Benghazi. That’s my president! — Rich Kane

• Although not blindly a President Trump supporter, I support his acting decisively in the aftermath of the attack on our embassy. And make no mistake, it was NOT a demonstration, it was an attack. Soleimani was identified as a terrorist as far back as the early 2000s, making him a legitimate military target. The fact that he was hiding behind a government is irrelevant, he was a legitimate military target. — B.K. Smith

•Play stupid games and you win stupid prizes! Iran attacked our embassy first, Trump responded. End of story! — Marc Auger

• Their own people are celebrating in the streets because this guy was an evil, murdering terrorist on both his own people and others! — Norma Jean Lowman Blevins

• We got number 2. Maybe now we should take out number 1, and number3, just for good measure. — Philip L Puschel

• Over 2,800 drone strikes Obama ordered without congressional approval but now Trump is the devil. Liberal logic trying to actually defend terrorists. — Jon Walczak

• Iran’s commander of their elite forces goes to Iraq, and then killed in a motorcade along with pro-Iranian Kaitab Hezbollah official Muhammad Reda and his bodyguards who was responsible for the attack on the US Embassy in Iraq, Along with Naim Qassem, deputy secretary-general of the Lebanese Hezbollah since 1992 also in that motorcade. All of these are in the same motorcade at Baghdad Airport, And in some odd way I am supposed be concerned?

To be a commander of the Iranian elite forces. he sure wasn’t very smart! Got caught dead in the sights of a drone attack targeting the man who was directly responsible for the attack on our US Embassy,. Mohammed Reda. I bet when he woke up that morning he never expected he would be going back to Iran, in pieces. — Earl Lofland

• Constitution of the United States, Article I, Section 8: Gives Congress the power to declare war and raise and support the armed forces. — R Tamer Peel

•Who declared war on Iran? The war on terrorism has been declared for years so Trump did nothing wrong. — Ryan Fenimore

• Smack them and smack them very very hard and when they whine, smack them again. — William Jamar

•Since 2001, America has spent $32 million per hour on war. Enough is enough! — Eric Morrison