Speak Out: Unattended displays

Unattended displays, such as nativity scenes that sparked debate in Rehoboth Beach, are no longer permitted on The Circle in Georgetown.

A 2019 change in town code regarding The Circle’s usage policy now prohibits standing or unattended structures or displays in the picturesque heart of the town.

“No unattended displays are permitted on The Circle any longer,” said Georgetown Town Manager Eugene Dvornick. “It could be anything that is unattended — posters, signs or where somebody comes up and sets up a display or a table and leaves information. It would have to be attended the entire time.”

Town code authorizes the town manager to remove any display that violates this provision.

“Most of it is from a safety standpoint, as we have been seeing more and more winds, stuff blowing out from The Circle in the traffic lane,” Mr. Dvornick said. “Most of it’s for protection and safety.”

• So there won’t be any display for any holiday, got it. — Erik Pepper

• Kinda goes beyond holidays, the ordinance says “no standing or unattended structures or displays.” — Brian P Slattery

• It should include political signs. — Chuck Mankin

• Just put it on visible private property. Problem solved. — Tyler Beguiler

• Remember this on Election Day. — Gene Hansen

• Then there shouldn’t be a “Christmas” tree anywhere on pubic property either – after all there is “Christ” in this display!!! — Lynne Bassett Spear Bonfiglio

• Next “In God we Trust” will be erased off money. — Anthony C. Willey Jr.

• Grabbing at straws aren’t we — looking for reasons why we can’t have a nativity scene. Of all the stupid reasons “something might be blown into the street!!” Let’s just tell it like it is: We are catering to the hateful few — Mary Grampp Brown

• People are still acting like this is going to hurt their Christmas. Christmas isn’t being canceled. You’ll still overspend for people you don’t even like. You will still go about your day-to-day life. — Paul Kennedy

• So they’re no longer going to put flags up for Memorial Day? — Monica Prettner

• Overload your homes with Christmas cheer. — Toni Thomas Bergfelder

• And people ask why I moved to Florida. Besides the great weather we have “In God We Trust” on our license plates! — Beth Rosebrooks

• Do a live one. — Tim Shockley

• Other banned under this rule should be Santa house, wreaths, pole decorations, Christmas tree, lights — this can too blow into ongoing traffic since not under constant supervision like the nativity scene. — Robert Ray

• Live nativity scenes are attended. Local churches, lets fill the calender up until Christmas. — Mack Townsend

• The “safety” issue is a coverup! Unattended displays have never been a problem before. The nativity scene has been up for years! It’s the unhinged left that pushed the mayor into a corner where they got their way. He has got no backbone. People need to start standing up for Christ! You deny Him, He will deny you! This is so sad! — Abby Fink

• So, any unattended item should be considered abandoned properly right? — Allen Cramer

• Boycotting the Georgetown celebrations, that is the only way to show this elected officials we are not happy with their decisions, then vote this people out of office. That is our problem today. No one bothers to vote and this idiots hold office for years and start to feel powerful and no longer care what we the people think or want. — Marie Cutillo Thompson

• I say we ban any Delaware official from putting up signs for their reelection campaign. — Reddy Hannum

• But they are still having a parade and the Santa house. Why is Santa OK and Jesus is not? So sad and hypocritical. I will be at the live nativity instead. — Daun Benussi Crane

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