Speak Out: University of Delaware audit

Should the state auditor be able to force the University of Delaware to open its books to her? Depends who you ask.

As the issue of whether Auditor Kathy McGuiness can conduct a performance audit on the state’s flagship educational institution continues to linger, the legislature’s budget-writing committee said this week it intends to send a letter requesting the university allow itself to be examined financially by the state.

• They need to be audited.— Clint Brothers

• Sounds like they are hiding something and are now afraid of being caught. — Travis Rust

• I believe that anyone who receives state funds should be able to be audited by our state auditor, — UD, Wesley and any small nonprofit too. — Steve Grossman

•Agreed. More accountability is a good thing when it comes to overseeing the recipients of tax monies. — Mike Rowe

• They need to be audited and if receive state funds, then why do they not pay property taxes to City of Newark? – Linda White Lane

• Every school system needs to be audited! — Judy Malin Mangini

• Kind of thought that was already happening. — Phillip Reynolds

• If everything is above board why would they mind an audit? Sounds to me like there may be some funny business going on which is all the more reason to audit them. Look at what is happening at Wesley. If someone had audited them maybe they wouldn’t be stealing money out of the taxpayer’s pocket. — Ronnie Ponde

• Maybe Wesley is not the only problem? — Daniel A. Miller

• Any entity that receives taxpayers money should be open to state audit — period! I guess they’re afraid we will find out why higher education is soooooo expensive. — — Robert Hawthorne

• In 1950, Delaware’s Chancery Court Vice Chancellor Seitz ruled in Parker vs University of Delaware that “I conclude that the University of Delaware is an agency of the State of Delaware under the common law and under the constitutional test required by the 14th Amendment. The actions of its Trustees must be judged in that light.

He also found “Other statutes require the President of the University to make an annual report on all aspects of the University to the Trustees who shall transmit the same to the Governor to be by him presented to the Legislature. The accounts of the Treasurer of the University are to be audited by the Auditor of Accounts in the same manner as the accounts of “other State officers.”

Findings from this case are relevant to the discussion about transparency and finances at the University of Delaware. I have not found any information that changes these findings but can’t rule that out as a possibility. — Bill Bowden

• How does any entity that receives money from the state not be subject to an audit? Something smells here.— Bob Hice