Speak Out: Untraceable guns

Filed earlier this month, House Bill 277 would prohibit any gun that has no serial number, is “constructed in a shape or configuration such that it does not resemble a firearm,” is made “entirely of non-metal substances” or is otherwise undetectable by metal detectors.

Readers reacted to the story online and on Facebook.

• Waste of time and tax dollars! — Dean Grabowski

• I don’t understand. Has this been a problem up until now? I don’t recall hearing about it. — Heather Laskey

• First thing someone asked me to make them when I got my 3D printer was gun parts. So yeah it is a real issue. People who can’t legally own guns could easily make one. — Rich King

•Biggest waste of time. Criminals have never used these so-called guns. They use stolen firearms. It takes time and machinery to make a gun. — Cody Waters

• Oh wow. Let’s ban something that’s responsible for even less crime than the evil “assault weapons” people keep trying to ban here. — Ryano Ryan

•It’s just a matter of time until it does become a problem, as 3D printers become cheaper and more accessible. It’s common sense to get ahead of it.— Rick Reed

•Chipping away at the Second Amendment. This is just the tip of the iceberg. — Mark Schmalhofer

• There was nothing in the bill that described when a piece of metal with a hole in it becomes an unfinished firearm. It is also already against federal law to create a gun with no metal in it. Metal detectors will still be about to pick up the bullets as they still must be made of metal. The other sham of this committee meeting was that it was assigned to the administration committee instead of the judiciary or public safety and homeland security. The administration committee is also where the sponsor is chair, and two co-sponsors sit. So, even after the main sponsor admitted flaws in the bill, still pushed it out of committee. — Jake Truitt

• Once again, a multitude of laws only affects law-abiding citizens. Criminals, by their very nature, don’t give a rip about your ineffective laws which are nothing but feel-good eyewash! The inalienable right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. This amendment limits the government, not law-abiding citizens. We don’t need government permission. Search “inalienable” definition! — Chris Wolfe

• Can they explain how this will prevent someone from obtaining parts if this is what they want to do, or how it will stop someone from killing another that is determined? — Bob Hice