Speak Out: USMCA deal

The Senate overwhelmingly approved a new North American trade agreement Thursday that rewrites the rules of trade with Canada and Mexico and gives President Donald Trump a major policy win before senators turn their full attention to his impeachment trial.

The vote was 89-10. The measure goes to Trump for his signature. It would replace the 25-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement, known as NAFTA, which tore down most trade barriers and triggered a surge in trade. But Trump and other critics blamed that pact for encouraging U.S. companies to move their manufacturing plants south of the border to take advantage of low-wage Mexican laborers.

• Remember when they said Trump couldn’t do it? Renegotiate bad trade deals that hurt America. — Ryan Fenimore

• Waiting on lefties to tell me why this is a bad deal. — Jason Rextc

• They won’t, They support it since they loaded it down with pork barrel spending. — Bob Hice

• Nah I’m just waiting for all the conservatives who consider this a win actually point out some real evidence to how different this trade deal actually is, and how much better it actually is. I mean knowing how concerned Republicans were with getting rid of this I’m sure every single one of them such as yourself read the entire deal right? I mean surely you have read the real already to make a comment like that right? — Christopher Joyce

• The new deal still has the original goal in mind but included a few alterations and updated a few numbers. One of the changes is the country of origin rule. In the original agreement, 62.5 percent of automobiles components must be manufactured in Mexico, U.S., or Canada in order to qualify for zero tariffs. But now under USMCA, the percentage increased to 75 percent. This change has the intention of strengthening the three countries’ manufacturing abilities as well as increasing the automotive workforce.

The dairy market also opened to allow more access from U.S. dairy farmers. Canada’s system of domestic quotas has always protected its farmers from foreign competition. But under the new USMCA agreement, U.S. will be able to export up to 3.6 percent of Canada’s dairy market, an increase from the original 1 percent. — William Mazzariello

• Remember when Obama singed that bill for $800 billion to go for shovel-ready jobs that never brought any jobs? Yea. And then here we have a trade deal that will allow the U.S. to increase its need to make more products to export to China. Oh and then there is the $5 billion that was spent on building the wall that actually uses shovels to build. Meanwhile in Delaware you have no manufacturing jobs that will be benefiting from the trade deal, and the only shovel-ready jobs are the ones that are to fix the messed up work that was done on Rt. 1 when it was put in or to make traffic in Delaware even worse for the Democrats to bribe unions to vote for them. — Earl Lofland