Speak Out: Voting by mail

Meeting virtually for the third time in its august history, the Delaware House of Representatives on Thursday passed legislation expanding voting by mail for the remainder of 2020 due to COVID. By a 25-13 tally, with two not voting and one absent, lawmakers opted to codify and grow vote-by-mail provisions put in place by Gov. John Carney earlier this year. The bill now goes to the Senate, which has until the legislature departs for the year on July 1 to pass it.

• There is documentation when someone votes absentee; therefore, you would not get in the machine area. It’s very obvious when someone had never been a poll worker or they would know how. – Debby Slaughter Messina

• They aren’t sending ballots to every voter. They are sending applications. You have the option to send the application in or vote as normal. This is a safe and secure means to vote. The state of Delaware has been working very hard to ensure the safeguards are in place. If you vote by mail, your name will not be on an in-person voting availability. If you follow directions, your ballot will be counted. You can still vote in person. It is your choice, so if you don’t agree to vote by mail, don’t. Easy peasy. – Cindy Ennis

• This is so wrong in so many ways! Why change something that has worked for so many years?  – Cindy Christiansen

• It’s worked for several million military, etc., since the Civil War, so … . – Kevin KC

• Seems to work fine for the rich world travelers, Donald Trump and all of his family, diplomats, military, etc. How do you think most absentee ballots are cast? But for everyone else, it is “so wrong in so many ways”? – Dennis Norwood

• I have been voting by mail where I live in Florida for the past three years. You even get an email when your vote is counted. More people vote by mail in Florida than all the people who live in Delaware. – Tommy Bou

• The facts point to the Republican Party as having and perpetuating most voter fraud. Do a little research. Get your facts together and know what you are talking about. – Dennis Norwood

• I think this is great! Democrats have faith in the system, so they can happily vote by mail. That means the lines at the polling places will be shorter for the rest of us. – Dominique Noelle

• I got mine, and it went straight into the trash. – Matt Andrews