Speak Out: Walmart sued over opioid role

The Justice Department sued Walmart on last week, accusing it of fueling the nation’s opioid crisis by pressuring its pharmacies to fill even potentially suspicious prescriptions for the powerful painkillers. The Justice Department alleges Walmart violated federal law by selling thousands of prescriptions for controlled substances that its pharmacists “knew were invalid,” said Jeffrey Clark, the acting assistant attorney general in charge of the Justice Department’s civil division.

• Walmart is not the police. If doctors are giving out bad prescriptions, then it’s the doctors’ fault. — Tyler Beguiler

• Now it’s Walmart’s fault? Everyone is at fault but the addict. — Heather Laskey

• When I became a nurse 18 years ago, they said pain was the fifth vital sign and we shouldn’t watch people in pain. I witnessed actual pain that was not properly addressed after cardiac cath, which led to open heart surgery and complications, and I worked with doctors that wrote narcs for everything and anything and some who faced losing their license. The middle way, as in all things in life, is where real pain is addressed and real addiction is recognized. When a Phillies pitcher dies in a plane crash while battling dependence on narcotics and depression from loss of daily life as a pro, and no one says anything around him for years? If (these corporations) have nothing to hide, they will be exonerated. But be ready, naysayers — no one office would dream of this case with their taxpayer lawyers against a team of well-paid corporate lawyers. They must have some receipts. — Debbie Dickerson

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