Speak Out: Washington’s team drops name

The Washington NFL franchise announced Monday it is dropping the “Redskins” name and Indian head logo, bowing to recent pressure from sponsors and decades of criticism that they are offensive to Native Americans.

• Never met an Indian yet that was offended by this name for a football team. More race-baiting fear control from the communist Democratic Party. — Brady Allen

• So, because you haven’t personally met any that means they don’t exist? — John Anderson

• Brady Allen: You spelled Native American wrong. — Shannon Marie

• Going to be tough when the Trump organization is indicted in New York City for all of the fraudulent transactions they committed throughout the years. You may be of Native American descent, but I lived in the New York/New Jersey area long enough to see what despicable actions the Trumps and Kushners have done. They are the worst of the worst in business and politics. — Rich Schaars

• Sure, this change, then the next , then the next. Pretty soon, we’ll have no semblance of the United States left! — Merv Sparks

• Like the change to abolish slavery. Like allowing women to vote. Like legalizing alcohol. Like LGBTQ rights. That’s the United States I’m talking about. — Tina Husfelt

• I have a suggestion for the new name of the Washington Redskins. I suggest they be called the Washington Swampers or the Swamp Rats. — Andy Andrew

• It is not about antiracism. It is about money. The sponsoring companies, who care about what their customers think, put the pressure on. Snyder, seeing where the checks are wrote, went for the dollars. Nike and Pepsi don’t really care about the people who are going to be bellyaching the most. They are older and buy less often than a younger demographic. — Larry Josefowski

• Who’s next? I never found this discriminatory. I always looked at the name as they were warriors. Period. People looking to be victims. Mind-boggling. — Judy Malin Mangini

• FedEx is calling the shots. — Jim Meehan

Court rules on free birth control

The Supreme Court upheld Trump administration rules allowing some employers to decline to provide free contraceptive coverage on religious or moral grounds, which could leave more than 70,000 women without cost-free birth control.

• Then we need to stop insurance from paying for Viagra. — Joan Parsons Allmond

• The real answer is sexual responsibility for men and women. The purpose of sex is to create life. If you don’t want to become pregnant or are not ready to be a parent, don’t have sex! — John Barnes

• Not all women go on birth control just to prevent pregnancy. Some women need to be on birth control to regulate their periods or to fix other hormone-related health issues, which is why this ruling is ridiculous and at the very least should have made an exception for women who need it for personal health. — Robert Selg

• No employer’s religious beliefs trump the right of women to have fully comprehensive health care. And fully comprehensive health care includes birth control. This ruling sets a very dangerous precedent, opening the door for employers to decide which medical procedures, treatments and medicines their employees are allowed to receive. And it’s also one more reason why health care in America should be tied neither to employment nor to profit. — Eric Morrison