Speak Out: Wesley College at issue

Wesley College, which has received several million dollars from the state this year due to ongoing financial issues, has two potential merger agreements with unspecified institutions in place.

According to the college’s Nov. 26 application for $3.2 million from the state’s Higher Education Economic Development Investment Fund, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, Wesley has “made great progress in identifying a path forward for a potential merger by signing agreements with two financially strong institutions of higher learning.” A sentence following that line appears to name those institutions, but the information is redacted by the state.

•Wesley College, I urge you to take whatever deal is offered to you by any one other than the state of Delaware because if I have my way you will not be getting not one penny more of my tax dollars. Start with firing the idiots that got you into this mess. Obviously, a business degree from this college means nothing! — Ronnie Ponde

(Those who) are responsible for Wesley College’s financial difficulties are long gone. This is a problem that has festered for years; rather than dealing with the emerging problem, past presidents and their advisers have kicked the can down the road. The current president, Robert Clark, has worked tirelessly to find solutions to these problems. The reality is that if Wesley fails, the taxpayers of Delaware lose a quality institution of higher education. If Wesley fails, everyone loses. — Diane Duerr Partridge

•No. Do not make bad deals out of desperation or fear. Sometimes the best deal made is the one you never made. Sometimes you just have to walk away.— Aaron Layton

•Maybe the residents of Colin Bonini’s Senate district can get our million dollars back that he gave Wesley from our road maintenance fund and begin to repair the roads it was intended for. — Bob Skuse

• Why is a private intuition receiving taxpayers’ money? — Jason Patrick