Speak Out: Wesley College receive funds

A state panel last week approved a request for $3 million from Wesley College, with conditions.

The funding is expected to help the college continue operations until it can come to an accord on a merger with another higher education institution, which could be announced in the coming weeks.

In November, the private school submitted a request for $3.2 million from the state’s Higher Education Economic Development Investment Fund. The group, which consists of the director of the Office of Management and Budget, the secretary of state, the co-chairs of the General Assembly’s Joint Legislative Committee on Capital Improvement and the controller general, previously awarded $2 million to the college in 2019.

Readers reacted:

• Why? Just sell the college to UD! Stop bailing out failing businesses, Delaware. — Andrew Dale

• I have always loved Wesley. I do not think this is the right thing to do. — Ellen Jarrell Hamilton

• So, help me understand. They gave them $2 million last year and said they wouldn’t receive any more aid without submitting a strategic plan. They didn’t submit a strategic plan, so they were given another $3 million this year. All to help a private school with outrageous tuition costs. Wow! — Alexa Mobley

• So the state wasted 3 million dollars of our tax money. On a school that is attended mainly by out of state students. I hope everyone remembers this when elections come around. — Alex Tkachuk

• Since the Democrats are just playing fast and loose with our tax dollars I sure could use a little.— Mark Schmalhofer

•It was all legislators, not just Democrats. — Jody Sweeney

• How about having them sell buildings they got for pennies on the dollar? — James Cannon

• Why doesn’t the state bring in some finance advisers and find out what the college is doing with their money? — Mike Hofstetter

• It’s OK. I’ll just keeping smiling and struggling to pay my student loans – thanks. — Susan R L Reimer

• This is so wrong! And now they want the City of Dover to forgive their utility bill, which of course means the rest of us will pay more cos the money has to come from somewhere. How long will we be expected to prop this loser college up? Because it seems to me they have no plan.— Ronnie Ponde

• Who do you think pays for the kids going to Deltech and U o fD using the SEED program? That’s tuition free college people. You don’t have to have a financial need to get the SEED money. Just a 2.5 or higher GPA. Where do you think Pell Grant money comes from? It all comes from our taxes. — Toni Kump-Feldman

• Taking hard-earned taxes from hard working Delawareans in order to fund a high-priced university? — Victor Santillan