Speak Out: What is Black Lives Matter?

Commentary: If you listen to and watch the fawning, Joe Biden, mainstream media describe Black Lives Matter, you get a feeling that the organization represents a peaceful movement whose sole purpose is to improve the lives of Black people. Through that lens, the media has been able to distort and hide the true meaning of BLM from the American public. However, when you peel back the onion, the true philosophy and mission of BLM is frighteningly clear — Marxism and anarchy. Every life on this Earth matters.

• A nasty piece. Perhaps it tells us something about the character and intellect of hardcore Trump supporters. — Alan Muller

• BLM is a racist hate group focused on Marxism and destroying our great nation. The organization has absolutely nothing to do with improving the lives of Black Americans. — Vernon Weaver

• I think you’re confused. That sounds more like Republicans to me. — Matt Hickman

• Demanding to not be killed for no reason isn’t destroying the country. But you thinking so obviously shows that you fear them having equality. I marched with BLM, and I’m part of their local chapter. Please explain to me your in-person encounters with the organization. So far, our chapter held two peaceful protests and said a prayer before we started, has talked to local schools and has given out over a thousand books to young children and collected masks for children so they have extras for school. Defunding doesn’t mean abolish police. It means putting some of the money to the community for mental health and children’s support programs. — Jessica Gazvoda

• BLM Inc. has held protests and collected hundreds of millions of dollars, which, besides a donation of a few million to local chapters, has not been given to change Black lives for the better. Why not ask for accountability and documentation from the very organization you promote? They are taking advantage of you! Stand for yourselves. Stop padding the pockets of others! — Ashley Reynolds

• The author is merely repeating more lies and fabrications. BLM as an organization only existed for the last four years. Anything else is just made up and someone has been listening to too much Rush Limbaugh. — Ellen Behringer

Are Delaware inmates safe from COVID?

The Delaware Department of Correction has reported 511 cases involving inmates and 158 involving staff. Per the agency, 104 employees and 415 offenders have recovered, while eight inmates have died from complications relating to the virus.

• Are average, noncriminal citizens safe from COVID-19? I think that’s a no, so who cares about criminals? — Hilary Ennis

• Citizens can go to great lengths to minimize the risk. Since we live in a systemically racist society, it’s just one more brick in the wall. — William Mazzariello

• Don’t break the law and you won’t have to be in prison. — Cynthia M. Starkey

• Just give them a paper mask. According to Carney, they stop the virus. — Marc Auger