Speak Out: Wilmington Trust appeals

Attorneys representing former executives for the only financial institution to be criminally charged in connection with the federal bank bailout program have asked a federal appeals court panel to overturn their convictions.

Defense attorneys argued Tuesday that prosecutors had failed to prove that the former Wilmington Trust executives deliberately lied to federal regulators about the extent of the bank’s past-due commercial real estate loans before Wilmington Trust imploded and was hastily sold in 2011.

• Let the convictions stick! I, along with a lot of other Wilmington Trust employees, lost stock; some lost pensions. These people knew what they were doing and slept very well in their million-dollar homes, while the rest of us lost money that can never be replaced. They need jailtime, period! ‒ Denise Ginger Ginger

• I’ve been thinking it’s time to start boycotting big banks/corporations and switch all my accounts over. ‒ Beth Gallagher