Speak Out: Witzke defends social media post

Following a torrent of negative reactions — from Democrats and Republicans — to comments that U.S. Senate candidate Lauren Witzke made on the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on social media Friday, the Republican candidate stood behind her assertions Sunday.

· Her on-again/off-again campaign manager, Michael Sisco, and Witzke also gushed about Trump becoming king of the United States during an episode of his now-defunct podcast last year. — Michele Lapinski

· Lauren Witzke’s message is clear: She is pro-life. That said, she could have expressed her position with a little more finesse.— Will Garfinkel

· Kudos to Jane Brady for calling her out. — Jordan Irazabal

· That’s all you have. It’s all about upsetting the “lib,” because there is no defense for the indefensible. So just to “upset the libs,” you’re willing to burn it all down, consequences be damned. You hate liberals more than you love America.— Nadia Zychal

· Political affiliation has nothing to do with her lack of class. RBG helped her to be where she is. She needs to show respect. — Kimberly Michelle

· She’s allowed to have an opinion about abortion. A little early for that post, but this is still a free country, for now. — Ray Zelano

· Remember when there were Republicans you could respect even if you didn’t vote for them? On the state level, seems like a very long time ago. — Valarie Kelley

· I still support her. I really do like watching the left be offended by everything. — Shawn McGrath

· Is she still employed as a drug mule for the cartels? — Matt Hickman

· What’s the difference between protecting babies and selling drugs? Kind of contradicting. She pushed drugs that several have used, either killed or started a bad addiction and could end up dead. Things she did in the past have crushed families. I’m all for second chances, but she ruined people’s lives. Her second chance is being alive. Coons all the way! — Eddie Lesniczak Jr.

· Witzke frequently makes offensive comments indicating that she doesn’t care about the people she is going to represent if she is elected. Sharon Lewis

· How ironic. The people saying, “But she’s changed,” are the same people that have been justifying people being arrested and dying because “if they just hadn’t been breaking the law, it never would have happened.” — Aerielle Bartlett-Kohout