LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The blue wave of hope versus despair

Fear not old ones, aka senior citizens, because our millennials are coming to the rescue. The “March for Our Lives” movement that drew over a million melting pot citizens to Washington was a catalytic spark of energy lighting up a firestorm of revolutionary fervor.

They have been providing us with a ray of hope by taking on the mantle of leadership by introducing common sense solutions to our problems. Fed up with gridlock in Washington, young men and woman with fresh and innovative ideas are running for political office all over the country. Equally inspiring was the “Global Citizens” concert in New York the other night. These movements are striving to achieve the universal values of justice and equality for all humanity that starts with providing “affordable physical and mental health care for all.” The worldwide opioid epidemic can be extinguished. A sick world can become more healthier in mind, body, and spirit. How?

Two promising affordable health care developments in this country and abroad provide hope for a more compassionate world going forward. Indiana here with Fiat Chrysler corporation, and the Indian government abroad, are providing free health care clinics. They are designed to provide preventative care to ward off the need for chronic far more expensive care in the future. Isn’t that what the “Affordable Care Act” was designed to do? We have always had the resources, but we also needed the will to accomplish these goals.

In contrast, the alternative health care plan being offered to Americans under the present administration does not even allow for eligibility to sign up if we have a pre-existing condition. And the skimpy coverage it provides stinks. Buyer beware has been posted. You get what you pay for. Don’t most human beings have pre-existing conditions?

The American people have been victims of a false promise that they would be eligible for an excellent health care replacement program while quietly destroying the Affordable Care Act on purpose. That is inhumane. There is nothing more detestable than being lied too except being continually lied to! We here and abroad deserve better than that. Keep on collective bargaining young generations of millennials for a better blue wave world of caring and love replacing the ugly red one of anger and despair.

Bill Clemens


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