Trump is not America’s savior

This is in response to Ms. Beverly Monahan’s letter dated July 20, “Trump bringing back strength the U.S had been lacking.”

It seems like Ms. Monahan has been watching far too many westerns. This is not the days when John Wayne comes riding in on a horse to save the day. This is real life!

What has he really done significant since he’s been in office for six months? Name one meaningful piece of legislation he has passed since he’s been elected!

He has the House Majority and the Senate Majority and he still can’t get anything accomplished. Unlike Obama, who did not have the House and Senate majorities during his last six years in office. He had a Congress led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who went out of his way, along with the Republican-controlled Congress to make sure Obama was a one-term president.

When that strategy failed and Obama was re-elected, they were intent on voting “NO” on every important piece of legislation he put forward to Congress.

Contrary to what some people believe, Obama was a great president who did his best to do a lot of positive things for our country, and he could’ve done a lot more that would have benefited the working class if he was given the opportunity by Congress.

He did inherit a lot of baggage from a Bush administration. That was the real start of America losing its credibility. Let’s keep the focus on today. I don’t need to list Obama’s accomplishments in this article because they speak for themselves. It’s really bad any time a sitting president has both the House and Senate Majorities and still can’t get anything passed.

Let’s talk about the Affordable Care Act that despite many claims that it is failing, is so far from the truth! Yes there are high premiums for some people and yes there are some high subsidies for some areas. But the fact of the matter is, they do not affect the vast majority of the American people who love and support and want Obamacare to stay. — even some Republicans who voted for Trump!

All I’ve heard for the last seven years is about repealing and replacing Obamacare. Where is the great plan that Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress has been talking about? Even before Trump got in office, the Republican party has had seven years to come up with a better plan! Still nothing.

Now McConnell wants to vote to repeal now and replace later? Really?

I take my hat off to some of the Republican senators who are standing by there communities and are loyal to the needs of the country. I have respect for Lindsey Graham, who’s not afraid to tell his party when they’re wrong. I have respect for John McCain (my prayers are with him) who is not afraid to tell his party when they are wrong. There are a few other Republican senators that I do have respect for because they are Americans first and not just politicians!

Reagan had class and dignity. Bush (although I didn’t always agree with his policies ) also had class and dignity. Even Mitt Romney (who I’d have be president tomorrow) had class and dignity. All of these men are Americans first and care about their country. Besides Putin, who does Trump care about?

I get it that people elected him because they believe he will fight for them. The reality is that Trump is not going to fight for anyone but Trump! He may have a Republican-controlled Congress, but some of them are American’s first. Not just politicians!

He may be president, but the Constitution and the Supreme Court calls the shots — not to mention the real senators and congressmen who are Americans first.

Donald Trump is not John Wayne! He’s not Batman or Superman who comes in and saves the country from the villains. Americans have to unite and fight by using our voices to keep our democracy intact. Why? Because instead of having a hero we can all believe in, this time, the hero is the villain!

Francis A Bethel III


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