Voter apathy can’t be legislated away

George Roof

As a conservative and a Constitutionalist, I find it bad enough that our photogenic governor has to have his mug on our pages 3-5 times a week, but for the paper to reprint what would have best been left on his webpage in the commentary section is simply nauseating. This guy has routinely proven that he’s all hat and no cows. To put such a hypocritical and ridiculous article in the paper takes the cake.

Here’s a man who was elected solely by the liberal base in New Castle county. This was shown by the fact that he won Kent by only a small portion and was soundly trounced in Sussex County. Yet in the crux of his article, he went where? Yep, you guessed it: Sussex.

This is the same man who refused to release the state voter roles to investigate voter fraud. He’s the same guy who has pushed the state into a “sanctuary” and threatens anyone who’d be so bold as to report an illegal alien to federal authorities. This is the governor who was elected by the citizens to represent them and swore, under oath to support and defend the Constitution, yet lies when seeking out criminal elements to secure a vote for himself.

Illegal aliens are criminals. Cut it any way you’d like with euphemisms, political correctness, or tyranny and threats to citizens, anyone who has entered this country illegally (that is; not having gone through ports of entry with proper documentation) has committed a crime as defined by the U.S. code. Carney playing up to this faction in plain, hard, simple English is that you have a governor supporting a criminal element to overthrow the decisions of actual American citizens.

In his little fairytale, I’d ask anyone with common sense, why would a person show up at a poll “nervously”? I’ve been to polls dozens of times and never encountered anyone who seemed “nervous” and if they were confused, there are always people there other than the governor of the state who were ready to assist honest citizens in the process from registration to the operation of the actual booth itself.

It would be nice if politicians accepted that voter apathy is not going to be legislated away. The only reason for any of these lofty suggestions is to register those who should not vote to begin with. Honest citizens are saturated with the barrage of electioneering for years ahead of the vote, so perhaps someone could dream up a valid reason why anyone would wait until the day of the election to register. Early voting is of the same vein. Governor when you occupied a seat in Congress, were you allowed to vote a week before the bill hit the floor because you had vacation plans? (The connotation I get is from the Wild West of years gone by when politicians would go to flop houses and opium dens and pay people to go cast their vote on election day.)

As usual, Carney resorts to the same old socialist diatribe about cooperation and compromise, but his letter is rife with “my way or nothing.” Every American citizen of legal age is entitled to vote. It’s a right granted under the Constitution but it’s not a mandate. When a citizen feels and accepts that duty, they won’t need an empty suit governor to “make it easier” on them.

EDITOR’S NOTE: George Roof is a resident of Magnolia.

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