What’s the matter with Trump today?

Just a little play on words by paraphrasing the old fun song “What’s the matter with kids today?” that was the first observation I thought of when I listened and viewed the five prior presidents lamenting the actions on the current governmental process and guidance from the Oval Office though not formally naming our current President Trump.

We did receive that message. Their distress was indicated quite strongly their disappointment level was exonerated by their confirmation that the governmental guardians of yesteryear had all but been eradicated by the current presidency.

Did America believe we would ever envision the three Amigos of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama gather together in unity to voice objection to any White House actions? Of course not; but these are very unusual times that may trouble American destiny by focusing on the past.

Of all the five presidents, Jimmy Carter eloquently expressed that he believes President Trump has received the most derogatory, negative commentary and coverage from both the media and politicians than any other president has ever received. Truer words were never spoken. The three Amigos were polite during his dissertation on our president while they may silently have thought Jimmy’s age might have been at issue in his statements and maybe Jimmy’s brain had turned to peanut brittle. Wisdom from the ages should be applauded not patiently tolerated and degraded.

Bill Clinton and his lauded NAFTA deal that benefited all participants except America. His amorous indiscretions that took valuable time away from the job at hand of protecting America and from the actual attacks required on a flourishing Al-Qaeda network. This error especially noted in 1998 when he had the real opportunity to capture or destroy Osama bin Laden. No, Slick Willy had personal agendas that were prioritizing over America’s protection and security.

George W. Bush never had any of the dalliances that were so prevalent in Bill Clinton’s history but he did overindulge in his younger years in a battle with the bottle. To her credit, Laura Bush succeeded In ending that unfortunate era. Laura is a good woman! George Bush’s ill-conceived Iraq War and search for the non-existent WMDs that never materialized was damaging and destructive to America. This action opened the door for many evil-doers throughout the Middle East. Bad move, George! George H.W. Bush though wheelchair bound was primarily silent but an appreciative back-up to his son George W. Bush.

Last but definitely not least is Barack Hussein Obama who spent the best part of his lengthy eight years in office creating the health care plan from Hades e.g., the Affordable Care Act or lovingly known as Obamacare. His free-for-all programs that drove up the national deficit to heights never before seen during past presidencies. Of course, his charm, smile and overall endearing manner superseded any errors in acumen. His humored interactions on late night TV overshadowed his unaware knowledge of threats to America. He insulted the Islamic State (ISIS) with his description of them as the “JV.” What a catalyst for terrorism!

How do these prior White House inhabitants have the hubris to deride the current President of The United States when he is in the process of cleaning up the disasters left by all of the above. He is not a dyed-in-the wool politician as the prior presidents are and never want Americans to ever forget. Is that their fear? That this man will accomplish everything they had never been able to secure?

Their negative forebodings will not deter President Trump’s efforts to drain the Washington, DC swamp, improve positive employment opportunities, establish a revised, simplified tax reform code, true respect and support for our military and with his dedicated guidance we will achieve the overall progress for America being driven down the highway to America’s great future.

During their latent presentation the prior presidents should have had background music playing while degrading President Trump “Why Can’t He Be Like We Are, Perfect In Every Way……Who Got The World Where It Is Today!” How Appropriate!!

May God Always Bless The United States of America.

Beverly Monahan


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