17-inch flounder wins jet ski tournament

Jet Skis lined up at the Holts Landing boat ramp at the end of the day. (Special to the Delaware State News/Rich King)

Jet Skis lined up at the Holts Landing boat ramp at the end of the day. (Special to the Delaware State News/Rich King)

We had a great time at the first annual Delaware Jet Ski Fishing Tournament.

The day started out beautiful — thankfully, the weatherman was off and we had clear skies and mild breezes.

Outdoors column logo by . The anglers set up at Holts Landing State Park or they came across from other boat ramps. We got everyone squared away on the rules and away they went. The take off looked like “Hell’s Anglers on a mission to go fishin’”.

Jim Too from New Jersey took first place. He caught the only scoring fish, a 17-inch flounder. We drew coins to see who would win the other places.

Tom Soska from Virginia came in second. Cody Meade from Pennsylvania came in third.

We didn’t have a smallest fish caught so we gave that prize to Jacob Stier since he was our only “teenage” angler. If I say kid he will let me know about it, so call him a teenager! He had a blast fishing with his dad Brian, cool little dude.

Rob Jones drew for the bluefish Calcutta. We went down the line and everyone went home with something. It was a great day I want to thank everyone again for making this happen. We are going to have some more fun next time.

Ray Dover reeled in this flounder at Bowers Beach. (Submitted photo)

Ray Dover reeled in this flounder at Bowers Beach. (Submitted photo)

Jet ski fishing is not a new way to get out there and hit the water, but it is becoming more popular.  Much cheaper to run than a boat. You can get to places most boats can not get into and you can get out of just as easy. There are rack systems you can buy to store all of your gear.

The Delaware Jet Ski guys are planning a trip tot he canyons to catch tuna. I know it sounds crazy but their skis are equipped to make that trip. We will be with them in a mothership we are taking for an emergency.

Fishing report

The flounder fishing is finally picking up offshore and around the bays.  It has slowly picked up but it will get better.  Offshore action at the old grounds is much better than inshore.  Jigging gulp or drifting minnows has been the best techniques.  Bowers beach is seeing some decent action at the beach and jetty.

Weakfish action has been good this year in the Delaware Bay the Captains Lady out of Bowers has put some nice keeper weakfish in the box.

Lot of yellowfin and mahi mahi action at the Norfolk to Washington canyons. The action is hot and now is the time to hire a bot to get out there. The shark action has been decent for Makos. Some threshers still hitting the docks and big eye tuna.

The surf is seeing a lot of small summer fish, kingfish, spotted hake, perch, burrfish, shirt stripedbass, and flounder.  The trash fish like skates rays and dogfish are still heavy. That never changes.   One way to avoid catching a lot of the scavengers is using fish bites on top and bottom rigs.  They tend to hit the artificial baits less.  Fishbites has been working excellent on Diamond State Custom Tackle top and bottom rigs.

Short striped bass action around the tidal rivers and canals has been decent. Slot season for the Delaware Bay and its tributaries starts July first at 20–25 inches for the creel limit and negates the normal limit for that time period in those areas.  The slot action in the bay is decent this time of year and you can catch some nice fish for the table.

I prefer to eat the smaller bass if I do eat one, which is rare for me, I prefer catch and release for most species.  Partially due to fish populations and mostly to consumption advisories.

Freshwater action has been great for bass anglers.  The ponds are producing well.  Hearns pond, and boat ramp are closed for at least a year for repairs.  That will help take the fishing pressure off that pond.

Rich King’s column appears Thursdays in the Delaware State News.

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