Bass action is random as temperatures drop

Sea glass found on the beach the beach combing has been great. (Submitted photo)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hope you all have a great holiday and enjoy your weekend.

The cold snap has gotten the bass moving even more and if you aren’t out there fishing, you will not catch. Action is good but random — we spent four hours Wednesday chasing the skunk, it happens. One day an area is hot the next day it is not; shifting tides add to the challenge. Striped bass will be hot for a couple hours on the outgoing tide, in a specific area and then the bite shuts off. That is because the fish moved, now you just have to figure out where.

The beaches have seen a lot of short bass action on the outgoing tide over the weekend when the wind calmed down. Anglers using white soft plastics and swim shads were having the best luck, also of course white bucktails. The inland bay action has been great once you find the fish and stick with them. The Indian River inlet action has been good, spotty but good.

The schooling bass in the Indian River inlet are covered with sea lice and that is a very good sign. That means the school of bass came from the ocean and not the bay. Sea lice only get on bass that are in schools in the open ocean.

Dave Saveikis, Director, DNREC Division
of Fish & Wildlife with a nice Chesapeake
bay keeper striped bass last weekend. (Submitted photo/Robin Tyler)

David Eastburn with a striped bass from
the Indian River Bay. (Submitted photo)

Tautog for the boats has been a lot of catches but a lot of throw backs as well. Anglers are saying it is due to the new 16-inch size limit. Sea bass have been filling the boxes for many of the charters and head boats. Tautog action at the Indian River Inlet has been decent with many a throwback.

White perch action has been great in the creeks and canals. Minnows or grass shrimp are your best baits. Bloodworms if you can find them. Getting fresh bait this time of year can be hit or miss. Call ahead to confirm what a shop has in stock.

If you do go out and get near the water, keep in mind the temperatures are plummeting which means that water is very dangerous. Make sure you have PFDs in your boats and if you are in the beach, be careful of deep swales and the occasional heavy wave. Today the ocean looks like one of the Great Lakes, flat calm. The water looks rather clear too.

Good luck to all the anglers in the Fall Fish Bowl surf fishing tournament.

Deer of a lifetime

Cody Gallien dropped this 16 point non typical deer on the last day of shotgun season. (Submitted photo)

One hunter has a lot to celebrate for the last day of shotgun season. Cody Gallien dropped a 16-point non typical buck, a deer of a lifetime. “Two years ago I first took pictures of this deer as a perfect 11 point in October and chased him for 1.5 months and even had an encounter with him, when he vanished like a ghost in mid-November. My fear was he had been shot but did not see or hear of that happening so I was worried he had got struck by a car. Didn’t see him the rest of the year. Fast forward to November last year, I get a message from a buddy that hunts the next property over of 1 picture…it was him and my suspicion that he had got hurt was confirmed. He had his perfect left side and on his right all he had was that extra beam but about 3-4” long and just a beam that came up and wrapped and that was all that was seen of him until yesterday evening. He rebounded in an incredible way and bloomed into a beautiful 6-7 year old non-typical this year. The buck that I had originally named Showtime finally took his last step as I let the 12 Gauge H&R loaded with 3” lightfields crack at 4:40. I’ve never respected a deer or felt the emotion more than I did last night when I wrapped my hands on him and realized it was him. Once in a lifetime and it all started 2 years ago with a trail camera picture”

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