Catching kingfish, bluefish — two at a time after storm

Saad Soliman of Newark show off a sheepshead and tautog caught out of Lewes. (Photo courtesy of Lewes Harbor Marina)

Saad Soliman of Newark show off a sheepshead and tautog caught out of Lewes. (Photo courtesy of Lewes Harbor Marina)

The latest storm’s deluge of rain and runoff really made for some tough fishing. But anglers did manage to find some protected areas and do some catching.

The Cape Henlopen pier was producing kingfish and bluefish two at a time during the storm and the days following. Flounder action there is not so hot but a few keepers have been caught.

The inner and outer wall really kept the harbor of safe refuge calm that afternoon, compared to the rest of the coastline.

Outdoors column logo by . Tautog season has started and anglers are already reaping the rewards.  Decent keepers are hitting the boxes on private and charter boats.  Anglers are having luck at the outerwall, haystacks, and the Delaware bay reef sites. Green crabs and box crabs have been the best baits but sand fleas have been catching as well.

The one yearly fall catch everyone loves while “taug” fishing is sheepshead and triggers. There have been some hefty sheepshead hitting the scales over the weekend.

Up north in the tidal creeks and rivers the short striped bass are schooling up and feeding heavier. There is a lot of baitfish for them to feed on to fatten up for the winter. The bass are hitting swim shads and jigs with soft plastics.  The white perch bite is decent in the Broadkill river and other tidal rivers using bloodworms.

The surf has a lot of snapper bluefish hitting fresh mulllet on mullet rigs.  It took a few days for the beaches to open back up to driving.  The beaches are a little flatter but they survived just fine.  Lot of short striped bass are at the edge of the surf feeding on baitfish and sand fleas.

Bow season

Hunters have been doing well with bow season. Every day I see pictures of freezers filling up for the winter. Hunting is a great way to feed the family for the coming year.

You can’t get much more organic than wild game. Now that the weather has calmed back down it is safer to go into the woods, the high wind days are scary. Better to not be in the woods on those days.

Geese all around

Seems like everyday more and more Canadian geese are showing up in the pond behind the house.  Too bad we are within town limits and of course the season is over, otherwise I could fill the freezer fast from the back yard. We will have to wait until November for that, but in the meantime Snow Geese season started Oct. 5 for Delaware.

As per DNREC, “Hunters are reminded that Delaware and Maryland have a reciprocal agreement for hunting snow geese. Delaware hunters can hunt snow geese in Maryland with their Delaware hunting license provided they have a Maryland Migratory Game Bird Stamp, a Federal Duck Stamp, a Maryland H.I.P. number and are in compliance with Maryland Hunter Safety laws. Maryland resident hunters can hunt snow geese in Delaware with their Maryland resident hunting license provided they have a Delaware Waterfowl (Duck) Stamp, a Federal Duck Stamp, a Delaware H.I.P. number and are in compliance with the Delaware Hunter Safety laws. This agreement only applies to residents of Maryland and Delaware.”

Horsing around

Lot of horseback riders on the beaches this past week. Many people like to ride their horses on the beach. The Delaware State Mounted Police were out there on a joint training exercise with the Pennsylvania mounted police just the other day. It was very entertaining for the beach goers.

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