Chasing fish usually means you’re too late

Chris Kramer caught this sheepshead at Indian River Inlet. (Submitted photo)

Chris Kramer caught this sheepshead at Indian River Inlet. (Submitted photo)

The weather yo-yo is still in full effect.

Hot then cool, then wet, then dry. It has been a weird month for the outdoors. Fishing has been difficult at times and great at others.

It all depends on location. Problem is that location changes and is random. Big bluefish will hit the surf and then not come back tot he same area for days or at all. The Caper Henlopen pier will see crazy morning and evening action and then nothing for a day then it blows up again. you have to be there.

That is an age-old fishing mantra, you have to be there. The other is you shouldOutdoors column logo by . have been here yesterday or fifteen minutes ago. We hear this all of the time. People will chase reports online, see a bluefish or bass blitz drive like crazy to get there, only to miss it by minutes.

The best way to avoid this situation is to go fishing and realize that catching is a bonus.

Fishing is fun, relaxing and a way to enjoy the outdoors. Chasing reports takes the fun out of the catch in my opinion. Best thing to do is put in the time and get out there.

Jim Davis caught this bluefish in the Broadkill River. (Submitted photo)

Jim Davis caught this bluefish in the Broadkill River. (Submitted photo)

Floundering weather

Sometimes you hear the phrase, “I do this to feed my family.”

That $20,000 boat and thousands in gear is never going to officially feed your family. There are those that do feed their families by fishing, and they spend long hard hours doing so. Whether it be commercial or recreational, if you are going to fish to feed your family, it is going to be a tough road some days.

That said, the fishing is picking up now that the water is warming up faster. Would be nice to see some clearer or cleaner water. That has been an issue the past six weeks or so. Lots of rain swelling creeks and ponds, and eventually the Delaware bay and Inland bays. Then the winds that push the water around, which is good if it pushes fish towards shore and not so good when they are pushed offshore.

Flounder action is getting better and better. This has been the worst spring flounder fishing in a while and it is due to the weather. We get a day or two of decent conditions and catches and then it shuts down.

Night moves

Night fishing is picking up under lights for short striped bass at many marinas and boat ramps with lights. Up until last year it was illegal to hang a light over the water to attract fish. That was changed and now you can use light to attract fish to your boat or pier. Just shinning a light on the water will scare away fish. Putting a light out and consistently lighting up an area will attract fish in no time. bait fish show up then the bigger fish to feed on the bait fish. Back in the day this was the best method to catch weakfish in the Delaware bay.

We have sand tiger sharks in the surf now and the Delaware Bay. They are hitting any type of cut bait, especially large pieces of bunker. If you want to avoid catching sharks, use smaller top and bottom rigs with fishbites. That artificial bait is doing well now in all our waters. Lot of small weakfish, puffers, striped burrfish, spotted hake,and now spot are being caught. That is the best way to avoid the scavengers like skates and such.

Get outdoors and enjoy the day. We waited all winter for this.

Rich King’s column appears Thursdays in the Delaware State News.

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