Cloudy days are great for striped bass

Ella Baldwin, of Newark, pets a dogfish caught from the surf. (Submitted photo)

Ella Baldwin, of Newark, pets a dogfish caught from the surf. (Submitted photo)

Rain, wind, once in a while the sun comes out.

That has been the story for the last few weeks with this weather.

However, fish are still hitting despite the conditions. The problem for anglers is getting out in the bad weather for some good fishing.

Striped bass prefer the nautical heavy waves and weather. Especially the larger fish.

The rods and cones in striped bass eyes are so sensitive they can see in the dark. This is why fishing for them at night is so popular — that is when they move in close to shore to feed.

Due to the sensitivity of their eyes, shallow water on a bright day is not where you will find them. However on an overcast day they will move into shallow waters looking for food. The smaller or short striped bass will hit baits all day in shallow water.

When the migratory schools are running the coast like they are now, you can find bass close to the surf.

Outdoors column logo by . You just have to be there when they swim by and hope they are hungry for your bait.

The blues

Big bluefish action is still happening around the beaches, Delaware Bay ,and the Inland Bays.

They are crushing baits and shiny or noisy lures. They are bluefish, they will hit anything.

Paul Kulesza holds up a 34-inch bluefish caught on bunker at Conquest. (Submitted photo)

Paul Kulesza holds up a 34-inch bluefish caught on bunker at Conquest. (Submitted photo)

Lots of small bluefish are showing up at the Indian River Inlet and the shad are here now. That should bring larger fish closer to shore.

The dolphins are so close in the surf you could reach out and tackle one, but please don’t do that — it is a figure of speech.

Shad can be caught on shad darts tied up in tandem like a speck rig, and shad spoons if you can find them.  The new tackle store, the Melting Pot, in Dagsboro, has shad spoons.

Catfish and other catches

Short striped bass action has been good in the tributaries and tidal creeks.

Spawning season for striped bass will be over May 31.  There are still some nice bass moving out of the Delaware Bay and moving up form the Chesapeake.  We have seen catches in Virginia still so the Spring run is not over yet.

Big blue catfish are hitting bunker chunks in the Nanticoke River.

Crabbing has been excellent in the Delaware Bay tributaries and tidal creeks as well as the Inland Bays.

Diamond back turtles are showing up more and more so make sure you have your turtle guards on your pots.  Also keep an eye out for them crossing roads to lay eggs.  If you decide to rescue one and help it cross a road place it on the side of the road it was headed towards.

Sea bass catches have been plentiful and the charters out of Lewes are doing very well.  Filling the box on every trip when the weather allows them to get out there. Call ahead for reservations on a charter they will fill up fast on the weekends.

Canal tournament

This weekend is the Canal Flounder tournament at Lewes Harbor Marina.

That is always a fun tourney and there have been some decent flounder catches in the canal.

Saturday should show just how plentiful the flounder are around the canal and Roosevelt Inlet.

Festival season

It is that time of year when the outdoor festivals all start happening.  There are so many good choices sometimes it is hard to decide where to go and what to do.

The 13th annual Horseshoe Crab and Shorebird Festival in Milton Delaware is on May 28.

The Bowers Beach Buccaneer Bash is May 27-29 at Bowers Beach. Take the kids and dress like a pirate for the weekend.  You can even be in the parade.  Ocean City, Maryland, has their Cruizin this weekend, with lots of cool muscle cars.

Rich King’s column appears Thursdays in the Delaware State News.

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