Delaware getting ready for sea bass season

Tim Bixby and crew hit up Chincoteague and got into some serious flounder action.

On Friday, sea bass season begins in Delaware. Charters and head boats are hoping to get out and do some catching, The problem is right now they are not allowed. That could change any day at this point.

When that does happen, social distancing will be the priority for head boats. You will have to check with the different boats to see what they are requiring and when they can actually go out and fish. I am sure limited capacities will have to be considered for the larger head boats. So far it has just been private boats out fishing, and that has been hard to do with the winds and conditions.

The flounder fishing is picking up a little in Delaware. Virginia has the best action in the usual hot spots of Chincoteague and Wachapreague. Those areas always come hot before our inland bays and Delaware Bay sites. Our waters will pick up with better action. The water is a little cooler this time of year than last year. Anglers are seeing a slight difference in fish biting.

Short striped bass action is much better than keeper striped bass catches. The shots are all over the place hitting baits in the surf, Inland Bays, Delaware Bay and area creeks and rivers. The migratory bass action is mostly in the Delaware River and upper bay. Hitting bunker chunks up near Augustine Beach, Woodland and Port Penn areas. Anglers are gearing up with fresh bunker daily at Smith’s and Port Penn.

Bluefish action picked up and then slacked off. The cold snap didn’t help. If the wind could stop any day now, it would be nice. That has been an issue, stirring up water and pushing it around. The blues action moved inland when the winds hit hard a few days ago. Hopefully more schools will come in closer to shore like the last few years. This time of year they usually are hot and heavy for catches. The fact anglers are limited on places to fish is probably not making that easy.

Pufferfish are frequently caught in the surf this time of year. This was caught by Lylle and his crew at a ocean beach.

The silver lining is the fish populations are not getting hit as hard this season so far. States up and down the coast have all kinds of restrictions in place for fishing, the easiest activity to do while social distancing. Except on boats, but on land it is rather easy to do.

Surf fishing has seen some decent black drum action. The bay beaches and ocean beaches are seeing some decent catches. The boats going to the coral beds are catching drum too. Chowder clams are the bait of choice for the boats. No one is collecting surf clams for sale so anglers are using chowder clams. Sand fleas have been the best bait in the surf for black drum.

Migratory keeper striped bass have been caught in the surf. Some on lures and some on bait. There have been a few whales spotted off the beaches.

A raccoon I found in my backyard living in a tree. It is that time of year for the little animals. Keep an eye out for them.

Spike trout or small weakfish have been caught in the surf. Fishbites is working better and better as water temperatures increase.

Freshwater action has been great for pond hoppers. Some of the ponds are rather crowded on the weekends.

The northern parks are crowding up more than the southern parks, but that will change this weekend. The beaches being open for walking and drive on fishing in the parks and some of the towns are opening beaches for walking and dog walking. You still can not walk on and fish a beach, surf, or just hang out. This weekend’s eighty degree Saturday’s beautiful weather will increase the outdoor crowds. Make sure you know all the social distancing rules or recommendations for the outdoor areas. Carrying a mask at all time is recommended, even in the outdoors in case social distancing is an issue.