Fishing is picking up as weather warming

Crappie caught by Mike Duncan in a pond at a housing community in his backyard.

Spring has sprung is the buzz around the worm hole. Anglers are getting out and about, having a lot of luck, even in those small housing complex ponds. Well, more like giant silt ponds. The fish are hungry and feeding. The pond waters are warming up fast in those places. The real ponds and streams, not so much.

Bloodworms and minnows are the bait of choice for white perch. That action has been the best along the Delaware Bay beaches. The farther up north, it seems the better the beach. Broadkill is slow, Slaughter has been decent, and so on, up it goes.

Tautog is still decent action for the charters and head boats off Lewes to Ocean City. Many anglers are just waiting for the water temperatures to hit 50 and see if the tautog move inland closer to the jetties.

Delaware Surf Fishing’s Beach Cleanup Volunteers every Sunday.

Short bass action has been decent in some of the usual spots like the inlets and inland bays. That action will pick up as the waters get warmer. The Masseys Ditch dredge project has been completed. Once the crews get the equipment out of the way, the fishing will pick up. A lot of big equipment moving around breaking up my favorite rips to fish.

I would expect the striped bass run to happen earlier this year than later. Keep an eye on reports and by all means, go fishing. It is more fun to make the report than read it.

The peeper frogs are still out on the warm nights. That is one of my favorite sounds of spring. Now to see how long it takes them to move into the pool. Last year it was like an aquarium, I felt bad cleaning it.

White perch caught by Jamie Killen.

The surf has been quiet aside from the occasional skate and dogfish. Now that the weather is warming up, the fishing will pick up for two reasons. More fish to catch and more people actually fishing. We spent the last day of the Point being open in heavy winds. It was a sandblast out there but we had a good time seal watching and seeing the other familiar sights. We won’t be able to enjoy that again until Sept. 1.

A Lot of fishery meetings coming up, so pay attention. New striped bass regulations are now in effect. Twenty-eight to 35 inches and one per day per angler. Bluefish will be three per angler for recreational and five per angler on for hire boats and no season for Delaware. Yeah I know, doesn’t seem fair. That’s why we go to meetings. Cobia limits will be set soon by the state of Delaware. Hoping to see the first option to protect the larger breeders fish.

The last sunset at the Point until September.   

Delaware Surf Fishing’s beach cleanup on Sundays have been very successful and well attended. Thanks to all for coming out and helping keep our beaches clean. The volunteers in a year’s time have logged in over 2,300 hours. They have been doing this for over two years.

It isn’t our trash, but these are our beaches.

That’s about all I got for you all. Aside from watching my grass starting to grow and dreading getting the lawn mower out soon. I am hoping for a nice March blizzard. One of those here one day, gone the next, storms. Other than that, bring on spring and make it last all year long. See you in the sandbox. It is time to surf fish.