Good luck to all hunters; should be a good season

Tomorrow is the beginning of the highly anticipated shotgun season for deer. Good luck to all the hunters.

The ground blind is up in the back yard and the cameras are charged up. I’m going to so some of my own shooting but I can do this anytime.

There is no season on photography. I’m probably the only person I know that puts out corn to take pictures of deer. Should be a good season for the shotgun hunters. I know bow season has been good for many. With some big deer filling the freezers and racks on the wall.

Striped bass season

Striped bass season is here; we are just catching the resident fish but it is a lot of fun. The main migration is still very far north of Delaware, but will be here soon enough.

Short striped bass or schooling bass around the inland bays. (Submitted photo)

Short striped bass or schooling bass around the inland bays. (Submitted photo)

Get that gear ready; it’s time, and once it starts it should last a while. There have been some very large keepers caught — these are resident fish for the most part. There is always that early arrival, though. Short striped bass action up and down the Delaware Bay and the tidal creeks and tributaries is decent once you find a school. Hitting swim shads, bucktails, and poppers.

Small jig heads with soft plastics are doing well, like bass assassins. The inland bays are hot for schooling bass and some of the fish have been upwards of 33 inches, but they have been few and far between. Anglers are settling for the average 27-inch with lots of action.

White perch action is hot in the tidal creeks and rivers. Bloodworms is the preferred bait, but minnows will work. Small shad darts the tiny ones under a bobber will work too. That is the best go to bait for the winter action when minnows are hard to find.

White perch are excellent table-fare, with a flaky sweet white meat. Just bread and fry or pan sear with your favorite seasoning. Plain butter is good for a great flavor to complement the fish itself, with a squeeze of lemon.

Outdoors column logo by . The ponds are seeing some great pickerel action. The bass are hitting but slower on the colder days, and heavier on the warm ups we keep having. So far we have had pretty decent weather for November. Pickerel action is hot this time of year with shiny spoons or Mepps spinners.

Crappie action is decent and will be the preferred catch come soon this winter. Nothing like cold winter days catching crappy.

The leaves have turned and are starting to really fall. The hikers are getting some great panoramic views along trails and in the parks. I don’t like raking them but love to look at them blow across my yard into the woods so I don’t have to rake them. Country living.

The colors are great reflected in the ponds when you are fishing in the early morning and evenings. The early morning mist on the ponds is a nice addition for the early morning outdoors feel. There is a lot of good hiking on trails in Delaware, and in the state parks.

The surfers are having a blast with some of the swells they have seen from the winds lately. This is a favorite time of year for the surfers, kite boarders and wind surfers. Get out there and have some fun — it is still nice if you like the warm fall days with the chilly nights.

The nighttime fishing is excellent; you just have to bear the chill a little. Once you start catching you forget all about the chill in your bones, and ache in your arms.

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