Great temperatures for fish to stick around

Well, it’s raining …again!

We are having the craziest weather this year, but at least it is keeping the water temperatures in the low 60s around the Delaware Bay and the upper 60s around the inland bays — great temperatures for the fish to stick around, and even let the summer fish show up at the same time. That makes for a nice variety to catch.

The bluefish are still here but not in huge numbers. The catches have gotten less and less for the big gators but the summer blues are here and they are decent in size. The smaller summer blues are not here yet, but will be at some point. They are still hitting green mullet rigs the most as far as color. Bunker chunks are working okay,but mullet has been better.

The summer flounder are hitting regularly in the Lewes Canal, the upper Delaware Bay and now at the inshore flounder grounds. The Indian River Inlet has produced a few large flounder up to seven pounds.

Drifting minnows are the best baits, but chartreuse or nuclear chicken gulp are working well on rigs. The inland bay action has been slow, but hopefully will pick up. The bluefish still being in some areas is pushing fish elsewhere.

Corey Joseph holds a summer flounder form the offshore flounder grounds. (Submitted photo)

Kingfish are being caught at Broadkill Beach and Beach Plum Island. The ocean beaches are seeing more catches as the larger bluefish are heading north. Not too many fish want to hang around those beasts. The kingfish are hitting bloodworms,squid, and fishbite’s bloodworm formula.

Croaker and spot are being caught at the Cape Henlopen fishing pier which is good news for many anglers. Lot of people like to catch these “hardheads” for the table. They are a good flaky white fish just a little bony. They will hit bloodworms, Fishbites, and squid, or clam. Top and bottom rigs can double down on them just make sure you have good hooks. D. S. Custom tackle makes top and bottom rigs with owner hooks, they are the best in Delaware. These hooks don’t snap and with proper care will last a long time. Good hooks catch more fish, cheap hooks break.

Black sea bass action is great offshore just hire a local charter or head boat to get you out there. Most days the boats are filling the boxes.

Striped bass action has been good for shorts in tidal creeks and inlets. Some decent keepers in the mix as well. Look along grass banks and structure for the schoolies.

Blowfish or puffers are being caught around the inland bays and Delaware Bay, and the surf. using squid, bloodworms, or clam. Some spotted hake are in the mix for the Delaware bay being caught around structure.

Catfish and white perch are hitting in the C&D canal with short striped bass on occasion.

This constant rain is keeping the salt line lower than normal. Bluefish have made it as far up as Port Mahon.

Freshwater fishing action is great when the weather is cooperating. Because who likes to fish in the rain? The fish don’t care,and on most days neither do I.

Rich King’s outdoors column appears Thursdays in the Delaware State News.

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