Kids catch fish, hubcap, big stick

The Andy and Opie kids fishing tournament in Milton Memorial park was a great time.

We had over 200 kids and parents come out and fish. We beat last year’s attendance by almost double.

It was hot, muggy, and the wind was kind of cooperating. Everyone found some shady spots and fished. Luckily that park has a lot of trees.21dsn outdoors group photo

Fish were being caught all over the park and up at the spillway near the fishing pier. Several people caught carp, and there were bass, catfish, perch, eels, turtles, crappie, bluefish, sunnies, and one hubcap.

I think we also registered a 21-inch stick, due to the insistence of one young lady.

The kids had a blast fishing with their parents. Some of these kids had outfits, like our buddy in the junior Assateague ranger uniform.

The Cookus “Salt Life” Father daughter team had the same outfits. Even T shirts with slogans — “Early to Bed, Early To Rise, Fish All Day, Tell Big Lies.”

The parents were having a great time fishing with their kids and the kids were having fun fishing.

The kids catching fish then running away screaming were some the best reactions. Ever see the excitement when a kid catches a fish? Well multiply that by two hundred happening all at once.

We even threw out a few Pokemon Go lures, but people came to fish.

After the tournament there were a lot of folks at the Pokemon Go stop and gym in the park near the water tower.

Everyone trooped through some really hot weather. The kids were awesome, and the enthusiasm was seen in their eyes, actions, and voices.

We gave out eight hundred bottles of water. The kids who won trophies, had their choice of a cool toy, and nice fishing rod combos.

We also gave every kid a fishing rod or tackle box just for being there.

We feel it is important to promote kids getting outdoors, and what better way to do that than fishing with your family. Now they have the equipment they need to get started and have fun.

Fishing for Pokemon

The latest outdoors craze is not a sport so to speak but it is getting people outdoors more and more.

Pokemon Go launched last week and this video game app has all kinds of people out and about.

There are whole groups of people running around specific areas trying to collect game items or capture Pocket monsters.

None of these people know each other but are all interacting with one another.

The little characters are known as pocket monsters, which is where the name Pokemon came from.

It has been pretty wild to watch some people get ready for a day of Pokemon hunting.  Backpacks, extra water, and battery packs for the phones and away they go.  it has gotten people out of the house and off the couch more than ever.  Many people are complaining, but the funny thing is the ones complaining aren’t playing the game.

The folks that are playing are getting exercise, meeting new people, and having fun with the whole family. Once businesses in the area clue in, they will realize the marketing potential of this game.

We have been using  Pokemen Go stops and lures to attract more people to events.  Restaurants and bars should be cashing in on this new game and the opportunities you have to attract new customers, especially during off peak hours.

If you get into the Pokemon Go craze, just be wary of your surroundings.  People are walking into walls, water fountains, and off cliffs.  Some folks have even gotten into car accidents, make sure you get a Pokemon GO Designated Driver.

Most of all get outdoors and have fun.

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