Not ideal fishing conditions for local anglers

Andrew Tawes from Outdoors Delmarva caught this 45-inch cobia on a private boat near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

If you haven’t noticed the wind is windy again, and raining to add to the fun. Boats are having a heck of time getting out to fish. The beaches are covered in wide, fast-moving surf wash, or white water. The Inland Bays and Delaware Bay are rough. Finding an out-of-the-way place to fish has been tough, but some anglers have managed. On a good day, the boats can get out and put in the work. There is plenty of that “work” to be had too.

Offshore action for tuna has been fire. The boats out of Ocean City Maryland slayed the tuna last weekend. If you can get a day to fish in good weather, get on a boat. You will not be disappointed. Some big eyes coming to the scales in Ocean City, Maryland and Delaware. Great to see that action once the charters could really get out there and operate.

Inshore sea bass has been great action, again need that good weather day. Fish don’t care, but taking a boat ride in serous nautical weather will turn even a seasoned captain green.

The Indian River Inlet has produced some nice keeper striped bass on occasion this week. Bluefish have been hitting on the incoming tides. Some flounder action is along the back jetty walls in the sandy bottoms. The beauty of the inlet is you never know what you will catch. Same goes for Ocean City Inlet. The Route 50 bridge has had great blues and short bass action.

The Inland Bays have seen some decent flounder action, and some sloppy conditions. On the good days, crabbing and clamming are excellent. Crab pots are much easier in the rough water conditions. A lot of the smaller summer fish have moved into the Inland Bays and are all around. Finding a mussel bed makes for some great fishing. We have been catching a lot of croaker and spot just sitting on the piers dropping lines by the pylons.

Chris Dunn aboard his boat, Killin’ Time, with a near keeper striped bass out of the Lewes Canal.

The best news for the Chesapeake Bay is the number of speckled trout being caught, as well as the size. Anglers are loading up on speckled trout with some of the best fishing they have seen in years. Bailing fish one after another once they get into them. Mixed in with striped bass schools the action is on point.

Speaking of great catches, cobia are around the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel area and anglers are doing well sight fishing for them. That action should move up into Delaware waters soon enough.

Weakfish are making a nice come back in the Delaware Bay it seems. Chicken is on the menu for bait again. a friend of mine on the Jersey side of the Delaware Bay near Cape May called me Tuesday.

“These guys next to us on a jetty are hammering weakfish with chicken. Never seen anything like it,” he said. Back in the day of the tide runners, it was discovered that fresh chicken breast would catch weakfish. The debate as to why is still talked about today. Some soak the chicken in shedder oil, but mostly it works on its own. Will the days of the giant tide runners return? We hope so. They are some of the best eating fish.

The surf fishing has been good for many anglers. The conditions this week not so much. Water is fast and pushing nearly to the dunes at high tide. The wash is fast and wide, but is holding fish. Letting a sand flea on surf rig from DS Custom Tackle roll around in that was, will produce striped bass and blues.

Mullet rigs for bluefish are doing well.Tthose modified mullet rigs work best in those rough conditions.

Top and bottom rigs for the little fish. Fishbites is working well; sand flea, bloodworm, or sand worm formula. Cut squid is always a go-to bait, fresh bloodworms, little sand fleas, and cut bait.

Fresh water fishing is picking up since many of us are not willing to deal with the rough conditions. Lots of snakehead action around Delaware and Maryland. Great fish to eat and, in my book, all need to be killed since they are an invasive species. I know all the arguments, don’t care, they are not supposed to be here. Then again bass are an invasive introduced species.

Corby Fulton with a Gator bluefish. We haven’t seen many of these this year close to shore.

The Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier has seen some decent action even in this weather. Spot action is great with small fish. Decent flounder from the pier and the kayak anglers. A nice mixed bag can be caught daily at the pier if you put in the time. Also check out the Ocean City pier. They have a bay pier and an ocean pier.