Only dogfish, but Fall Fish Bowl tournament was a lot of fun

Corby Fulton holding a dogfish, the only thing caught during the Fall Fish Bowl surf fishing tournament 2018. Submitted photos

Well it is windy again, and we just got out of a wacky weather weekend. This is all good weather for striped bass. The water temperatures are dropping and at prime conditions. We just need the migratory striped bass to realize that and drop by the beach on their way south. Gannets have also been seen off the beaches, which is always a good sign as well.

Sea bass and tautog have been the preferred offshore catches for the boats and charters. Decent action when you can get out there, this weekend is looking good for a boat ride.

Chesapeake Bay striped bass action has been great in many areas. Again you just have to get the good weather to get out there.

Delaware Surf Fishing hosted the Fall Fish Bowl surf fishing tournament over the holiday weekend. It was a great time for all the anglers.

The day started out a little gloomy looking with some heavy surf. Gannets were spotted offshore diving and everyone hoped whatever they were on would come in closer. It was a good sign, the water looked perfect for striped bass. Sunrise happened but we didn’t see it, by mid-morning the skies cleared a little and the sun came out for a few hours. That was a nice break because we all were watching that storm head towards with what looked like snow in the DC area.

DS Custom Tackle gave out Bona Fide bait samples to many anglers, they also provided bait to anglers that was donated by Lighthouse View Bait and Tackle when they cleaned the freezers out for the summer. Unfortunately the only “fish” that was chewing on Saturday were dogfish. 67 people fishing plus about 10 more not in the tourney, and no one caught a single fish, all day.

Everyone had a great time despite only catching dogfish, after all it is fishing. Which motivated several people in the dog pound calcutta to concentrate on nothing but dogfish. That paid out well for Matt Hamilton, he caught 13 dogfish and won $200.

Anglers threw everything they had from spoons, plugs, bunker chunks, mullet, eels, Bona Fide Bait, squid, bloodworms, and their lunch, you name it they tried it. “We are going to give hot dogs a try, at this point why not”, said Matt Dammyer.

Dave Eastburn with a short bass from the Indian River Bay.

D Morelli had the catch of the day. “I just caught a sock with pineapples on it”. We had to make an award for that catch. She was presented a Fall Fish Bowl odd catch trophy, a sock mounted on a board.

The rain hit at 1:30 PM ish and many toughed it out, those that didn’t, went to Crabby Dicks to await the awards. Everyone knew, aside from the dogfish calcutta, the dog-pound, we would be pulling a lot of names for prize places. That is what happens when fish are not caught, we pick raffle tickets for winners.

Sea lice we are finding on striped bass at the Indian River Inlet.

Crabby Dicks was a fun venue for the awards and it was very warm, which after a day in the wind and some rain was a nice bonus. Big thanks to the staff and Manager Ted for accommodating us at the last-minute this week. The staff did a great job and we packed the house.

Thank you everyone for coming out on the holiday weekend and helping raise money for Frets 4 Vets. Now get ready for May The Fish Be With You on May 4th in Delaware Seashore State Park.

Big thanks to DS Custom Tackle, they will be handling registration or ticket sales from now on with a new service. This will be much more affordable than Eventbrite has been. I highly recommend everyone too check it out and use the service for your events.

Award winners

The following are the winners of the Fall Fish Bowl 2018:

First Place Charlie Harrison $500 and a Tidal Table Fall Fish Bowl

Second Place — Rob Lyons $400

Third Place — David Eastburn $300

Fourth Place — Mike Wiktorowicz $200

Fifth Place — Kordell Cotton $100

Sixth place — Ralph McBride

Seventh Place — Matt Hamilton

Eight Place — Stefan Talabisco

Ninth Place — Alex Carlson

Tenth Place — Brian Sands

Eleventh Place — Gavin Comely

Twelfth Place — Rick Franks

Thirteenth Place — John Spadea

Fourteenth Place — Zach Farmer

Fifteenth Place — John Bolton

Sixteenth Place — Sean Carroll

Seventeenth Place — Ronald Short

Eighteenth Place — Kirk Smith

Nineteenth Place — Rich Ruggerio

Twentieth Place — Conway Bristow

Biggest Fish … Bob Ristow A set of Helly Hansen Bibs

Skating Rink Calcutta ($200) — Dave Eastburn

Bluefish Calcutta ($450) — John Bolin

Dogpound Calcutta ($200) — Matt Hamilton

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