Outdoor Delaware magazine now available online

DOVER — The new Outdoor Delaware online magazine, recently launched, is a guide to learn about animals, nature, science, adventure, conservation and many other topics.

It is produced by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

Outdoor Delaware provides articles, photos and videos for visitors to discover places to go, what can be seen and done there, and the countless ways to experience the beauty and wonder of the outside environment in Delaware.

In the inaugural issue, visitors will learn what a radiated tortoise is, why artificial reefs and electric vehicles are important, and how to play disc golf – accompanied by photographs and peppered with videos.

The first issue also features articles on jellyfish to watch out for, kestrel banding, where recycling ends up, words of wisdom from a longtime hunter and more.

Like the print version before it, Outdoor Delaware offers articles and photos, now available without a subscription. Visitors to the Outdoor Delaware site, dnrec.alpha.delaware.gov/outdoor-delaware-magazine will also find articles posted on a frequent basis, not just four times per year.