Pickerel, perch among latest catch

Everyone is getting excited for the Delaware Outdoors Expo on March 11 at the Delaware State Fairgrounds in Harrington.

This is going to be a great time with informative presentations, giveaways, food trucks and a variety of outdoorsy vendors.

Hope to see everyone there.

I’ll have plenty of Delaware Surf Fishing apparel, drop buy for a free sticker and we can sign you up for the website subscriptions.

On the hunt

Deer hunters are patiently waiting for the beginning of deer season, in September.

There is still plenty of snow geese to shoot and small game. Otherwise it is wait and check the game cameras to see if that big daddy buck survived another season.

I have plenty of big beasts running around behind my house, but I only shoot them with a camera.

Spring turkey season is next on the hit list for many hunters. I have a dozen that walk through my yard every morning and I have named them all …  butterball one, butterball two and so forth. Seriously, those things are funny when they run, its prehistoric looking.

Latest catch

The fishing is still decent for bass, pickerel, crappie, and white perch. Lots of yellow perch in the upper Chesapeake area.

Chesapeake bay anglers are still hitting big migratory striped bass near the warm water outfall of the power plant.  So far a rather mild winter has made it easy for anglers to get out there and fish.

Matt Dammeyer a member of the Saltwater Fly Anglers of Delaware has been slamming pickerel on his fly rod. That is one of the most exciting ways to hit a pickerel, also known as the green snot rocket. He has been experimenting with perch pattern flies and the pickerel are destroying them every trip. The fly looks like a perch and the one he tied up that is pink to replace the yellow is deadly.

Meanwhile the ponds are also giving up decent bass catches, just have to be slow on the retrieve.  Crappie are hitting grass shrimp regularly which are easy to catch in the tidal creeks with a scoop net.  Make sure you aren’t any where near a spillway when you do that, it is illegal to use a cast net or net to catch bait next to a spillway.  Just a heads up, you don’t want that ticket.

On the beach

Beach combing is excellent for anyone hitting the sand at low tide.

Lots of bullets and shell casings being found in the beach replenishment areas of Rehoboth and Dewey Beach. Back in the day there was a lot of target practice from the coast in Bethany beach and we have a couple of munition dumps out there from way back when.

So if you see a bullet on the beach, believe it or not that is a normal “thing”  and people look for them for keepsakes. They drive the metal detector guys crazy.

Spring is coming sooner thank we think, I hope.  Get that gear tuned up, clean the reels, grease them up and get new line.  Hit up your local shops now, not later when the rush occurs.  I have a Delaware Surf Fishing signature series surf rod being built by Patrick Conroy at PC Rods in Milton, Delaware.  I can’t wait to cast that beast into the surf.

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