Skies, waterways full of action this summer

Flounder caught in the Lewes Canal

Summertime fun in the sun has a new twist with COVID regulations. The great thing is we can enjoy the outdoors with little human interaction. Social fish-tancing has been easy, especially surf fishing or on a boat. The Flounder Pounder has been canceled. The Broadkill Beach store is planning a small surf fishing tournament at Broadkill Beach limited to 100 surf anglers in September.

The fishing has been really good on most days. If you can get offshore, the yellowfin bite has been hot. Lot of boats bailing tuna. Marlin are hitting. The White Marlin Open so far is a go with restrictions at the scales for the crowds. Watching the scales online is easy enough to do. Tile and rose fish are being pulled deep dropping. All in all, the offshore action is good.

The tautog catches have picked up at the walls and wrecks offshore. Lot of throwbacks but still some good action. Some action at the Indian River Inlet, but most are trying for sheepshead. Spadefish are showing up as well. Sandfleas are some of the best baits.

Triggers are making an appearance. The usual summer fish are here in full force. Pompano showed up in the surf about a week ago.

Surf fishing has been great for spot, croaker, bluefish, kingfish and sand perch. The occasional spade fish can be caught. Fishbites are excellent for bait right now.

Laura Foerster, left, and Christina Pugster doubling down on spot and croaker in the surf on the new DS Custom Tackle Whammy rig soon to be released.

Bloodworm, crab and sand flea formulas. There is a new artificial bait, Fish Gum. We have been testing it for a week and are not impressed. A lot of work for little fish compared to Fishbites. Squid pieces work well but attract more of the scavengers. Sharks, skates and rays are always an abundant catch. Know your shark rules for Delaware waters.

Mullet rigs are getting the job done with bluefish. DS Custom Tackle’s modified mullet rig will catch more fish and use less bait. That bait holder hook keeps your mullet in place for more hook ups. Sometimes you can catch a couple fish on the same mullet.

Flounder fishing around the Inland Bays has been decent. The offshore action is great on the reefs, wrecks and buoy fishing locations. The fact thousands won’t be caught during the Flounder Pounder, a five-day tournament, will help anglers hook up with more quality fish.

Freshwater fishing has been great in all the ponds and creeks. The fly anglers are doing well now that all the summer bugs are emerging. It is summer fishing. Get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

Comet NEOWISE shot in the late evening hours

If you are into stargazing. I have been chasing comet NEOWISE for more than a week. Getting up at 3:30 a.m. and trying to get that “shot”. This comet won’t be back in our system for another 6,000 years. So now is the best time to get a view.

Comet NEOWISE can be seen in the evening sky now. Up to July 22 is the best viewing times. Just barely visible to the naked eye, binoculars will give you a better view. Look at about 331 degrees on a compass and up about 30 degrees off the horizon a solid 45-plus minutes after full sunset.

I have had the best luck starting at 9:45 p.m. to about 10:15 p.m. It is a short window due to the earth’s shadow. The comet will be higher in the sky and move towards to horizon as the earth revolves. The sun’s reflection lights up the vapor trail really well.

The deer out back are getting bigger, eating all that corn.

This morning (Wednesday) I am standing at the ferry dock for Wallops Island waiting on the Minotaur IV to launch. My inner space nerd is working overtime this month.

The deer hunters are getting their stands ready, checking bait cameras. My backyard is alive with big deer this year. Looking forward to filling the freezer.