Stick to piers, back bays for better fishing

Area at Keybox Drive on access flooded by storm surge. The storm surges have filled in the swales along the beaches from Rehoboth Beach to Fenwick Island. (Submitted)

Area at Keybox Drive on access flooded by storm surge. The storm surges have filled in the swales along the beaches from Rehoboth Beach to Fenwick Island. (Submitted)

Well the point opens today and of course the surf is too rough to fish.

We had flooded beaches all week long and this will continue into the weekend. Expect heavy waves and fast currents. The storm surges have filled in the swales along the beaches especially from Rehoboth to Fenwick Island. Once the swales fill in completely they are flooded to the dune bases.

Delaware State Parks have closed a couple of the drive-on accesses in Delaware Seashore State Park. There is literally a small lake along the back of the beach area stretching the entire length of the beach.

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I am hoping we get into some fish today, but if not it is looking like Tuesday evening at the latest for some decent surf fishing.

Since this is the first storm surge of the summer, we are seeing a lot of sand being moved around. Structure along the beaches will change up a little after the storm surges subside.

If you are planning a trip to the beach be careful of rip currents. These are forming readily from this storm surge. Make sure you swim on guarded beaches only, and lifeguards cannot help you if they cannot see you. Do not turn your back on the waves; a heavy breaking wave can slam you into the sand and pull you out with the undertow. Other than that it is best to stay in knee-deep water when the wave action is this heavy. Sunday to Monday is looking like the worst days with waves upward of 7 feet. The beaches will flood again this weekend from more storm surge.

Finding fish

Not to worry. There is still plenty to do, even fishing. We will have heavy winds over the weekend so there is that factor to consider as well. If you can get out of the wind, you should find some decent fishing around the piers and back bays.

Delaware Bay beaches will see some storm surge but not as bad. Water will be very stirred up but as long as you are using bait you should catch fish. The Cape Henlopen pier has some decent croaker and spot action. The harbor of safe refuge should help keep the waves calmer near the pier.

Puppy drum and kingfish were the hot catch at the beach, before the storm surge picked up. Cape Henlopen has seen the least flooding from the storm surge, but expect those waves to fill up the swales there this weekend. Keep an eye on your surroundings, swales can fill up farther down the beach and you can’t see that, but then all of a sudden you are surrounded by water. Now you are on a island of sand and you can’t drive off. Do not drive in the wet sand, you will get stuck in no time.

Crabbing is excellent around the inland bays, Delaware bay and tidal creeks. Lot of fat jimmies being caught with pots or hand lines. Chicken is good bait but fish are better to attract more crabs.

Pond fishing has been great for bass and pickerel. Lot of small bass hitting soft plastics and rattle traps or buzz baits. Pickerel will hit anything and everything. Top water action has been decent.

Chasing deer

Many hunters will be out and about today going for deer with the start of bow season. Despite the heat and threat of chiggers, hunters are dying to get out there.

The mourning dove and resident Canada goose seasons on private lands and state wildlife areas starts today as well.

I have been watching hunters all summer get ready for the season. They are excited and we have been watching our deer grow in the woods behind the house. It’s kind of like farming except you don’t have to feed them and you hope they are still around come hunting season.

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