Storm brings troubles and treasures

Raven Lundy catches a beast of a wave somewhere on the coast of Delmarva. (Photo by Matt Adams)

Nothing like a good nor’easter to remind us about the power of nature.

Flooding, heavy winds, and killer waves.

The winds were steady and brought birds to the ground which was perfect for the duck hunters that braved the storm. Lot of ducks were stacked up during the storm. Herds of deer were all over the fields,and the geese filled up many a field.

Fishing will get back to normal once the water clears up and calms down. Crappie and perch action has been decent. Small jigs and soft plastics under a bobber work well.

Some spots the fish are hitting empty hooks they are so hungry.

Bass action in the ponds is decent when you can get a nice day out there. This mild weather after the storm should provide some good days especially after the water clears.

The tautog action offshore is still decent for the charters and head boats.

Sunday hunt numbers

During Sunday hunts this year, more than 1,100 deer were harvested.

Hunters have been very positive about the Sunday hunts, and it seems that everyone even non hunters had no problem with Sunday hunting even on state lands.

Only 50 deer were harvested on Sundays on state land.

DNREC is looking forward to another possible record year of harvest numbers.

New sandbars

There are some new sandbars off the beaches.

Bethany beach’s jetties are exposed but will be buried in sand soon enough.

Beach combing has been epic as always after a good nor’easter. Lot of whelk shells on the beaches, some are even live.

Don’t keep those it is illegal to collect and keep live whelks. Starfish and all kinds of things have washed up on our beaches.

You never know what you will find out there. The metal detecting folks are all over the beaches looking for treasure.

Surf’s up

One particular group of outdoor enthusiasts live for these nor’easters, the surfers.

They were not disappointed with this nor’easter either.

Last year we got hit hard with a storm and the waves were of epic proportions. Beasts would be a good description. This storm happened to be on the same day as last years, the intensity and flooding was not as bad, but the waves were nearly the same size. These waves are huge, I mean just absolutely huge. You can see the power of the water in the wave and feel it when they crash into the beach.

Rich King’s outdoors column appears Thursdays in the Delaware State News.

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