The storms left us some fun visitors to catch

Miss Gracie, shown with her double bluefish catch, is now hooked on fishing. (Submitted photo)

Miss Gracie, shown with her double bluefish catch, is now hooked on fishing. (Submitted photo)

We have Jack Crevalles around the Indian River Inlet and Inland Bays. They are a blast to catch if you are lucky enough to hook into one.

Fishing otherwise is back to normal. You can catch small puppy drum as far up as Battery Park in New Castle on fishbites or squid with top and bottom rigs. Pompano are still around and being caught on the beaches, Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier and the Inland Bays.

You also can hit shrimp or fishbites on top and bottom rigs. One was even found near Bowers Beach, probably pushed up by the storms.

We get these warm water fish every year and it is always exciting to see the variety of fish that make it to our coastline from the Gulf Stream. We see butterfly and angelfish and all kinds of tropicals.

Otherwise fishing is back to what is was before the storms hit. Flounder action is the best offshore, and not so hot inshore. Sites 4 and 5 have been hot in the Delaware Bay for flounder up to 5 pounds. There is a lot of sea bass offshore for guys catching flounder. The inland bays have been slow but some keepers have been caught.

Outdoors column logo by . Croaker action is great all over the place, with decent keepers being caught as well. They are hitting squid, fishbites, and cut bait on top and bottom rigs. You can find them from Augustine to Broadkill Beach, the Cape Henlopen Pier, Indian River Inlet and the inland bays. Spot are mixed in with them as well.

Short striped bass action is decent and will pick up as the water cools off and the fish school up to get ready for the fall migration. Swim shads, 2-ounce bucktails and rattle traps are working great to catch short striped bass. Fishing around structure and bridges will produce some decent numbers.

Nighttime fishing for them under lights has been good. Indian River inlet has been great for that action with a lot of bluefish, weakfish, and shad in the mix.

Bluefish action in the surf has been excellent using mullet. There is a lot of fresh mullet to catch in all the tidal creeks, back bays and along the Delaware bay beaches. These are the summer snapper blues, great for the table or the smoker. The carcasses make great crab bait for pots.

Crabbing has been excellent on the northern tidal creeks. The inland bays have been excellent. This is the best time of year for crabbing; they are fattening themselves up for a long winter’s nap. If you want to spend the time, hand lining is working great and lots of fun for the kids.

Cobia catches have increased and a few have been hit in the surf. Remember they are off limits three miles off the coast in federal waters or the EEZ (the 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone).

Offshore action has fired up near the Norfolk Canyon for mahi and white marlin. In fact the marlin catches have been spectacular the last few days and should continue. And, there is decent mako and swordfish action for those fishing for them.

On the land

Hunters are doing well this bow season for deer. Despite the heat many have gotten out and found some quality deer. Resident Canadian geese season has been excellent for many hunters.

Rich King’s column is published in The Delaware State News on Thursdays.

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