Temperature drop hasn’t hurt fishing

Rafael Vazquez caught this short striped bass in a northern tidal creek. (Submitted photo)

Rafael Vazquez caught this short striped bass in a northern tidal creek. (Submitted photo)

We finally had a little cool down, just as August started. Foreshadowing to a cooler fall maybe? We will have to wait and see.

It certainly is getting the hunters excited. Bow season starts Sept. 1 and lasts until Jan. 31. Bow season includes crossbows.

Gov. Jack Markell signed a compromise Sunday hunting bill in July, which will allow deer hunting on certain Sundays on private land.

The fishing has not been affected by the temperature drop. If anything it is helping around the shallow waterways, helping keep the fish cooler.

Cool nights and hot days are on the way, and then fall will be upon us. Now the question is will we have a late season for summer fishing and will fall fishing start earlier or later this year. That is a question we can never answer until it happens.

When will the striped bass start running? First and foremost they will school up around the bays and start feeding heavily. When that happens, then you know the run is not far away.

Outdoors column logo by . Croaker action is great at Bowers Beach around the bulkheads and jetty using fishbites bloodworm formula. Not too bad for flounder either, many a throw back but some keepers are here and there.

There have been some nice catfish caught in the Murderkill River. It’s a great place to look for short striped bass action, but they will be really small schoolies in the 12-inch range. Use ultralight gear for a really good time.

Mussels and flounder

If you find hard bottom around the inland bays you will clean up on spot. That action has been good; you just have to find mussel beds. Use a 2-ounce bank sinker and drift, and when the bottom feels like you ran it across a cheese grater, you found mussel beds. Anchor up and clean up on the spot and croaker.

The old grounds is still the flounder hot spot. Reef sites and wreck sites are producing sea bass, flounder, trigger, croaker and blues. Lewes Canal is slow but producing some keeper flounder catches.

It is certainly easier to be a flounder than an angler this year. The fish are having all of the luck. Short striped bass action is still good under lights at Masseys Landing and around the inland bays. Up north along the Delaware Bay it is good, and look in the tidal creeks around bridges for short striped bass. Crabbing is excellent around the inland bays, tidal creeks and rivers.

Looking ahead

These cooler nights will help keep the water from getting too warm. Hopefully, that lasts for a few weeks, but I am sure we will have a few heat waves.

The upper Delaware Bay is in the low 80s and will remain that way until the rivers start to cool off. The heavy rains have stirred up the tidal creeks and rivers. That will make fishing a little difficult.

The weather has been a bit crazy with all these pop up storms. Just want to remind everyone when you are out and about to keep an eye on the weather. A tornado touched down in Ocean City, Maryland, recently and the water spout it created wreaked a little havoc on many boaters in marinas.

Always keep an eye on the sky.

Rich King’s column appears Thursdays in the Delaware State News.

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