Time to prepare for changes as fall arrives

Fall is now upon us in Delaware; there was frost on the roof of the house yesterday morning.

I live in Sussex County, the South got frosted. Geese are flying in V patterns, and the duck hunters are all fired up for Friday, pun intended.

Duck season is Oct. 28 to Nov. 8 and the marshes are filling up with ducks. Blinds have been grassed, and the decoys are ready. Good luck to all tomorrow.

Deer hunters, wear your safety harnesses while in those stands at all times. We have seen a few too many accidents in other states this year.

A lot of quality deer have been making it to the freezer for the winter. It’s always good to have fresh meat in the cold winter months. It doesn’t get any more organic than that.

Fishing with my Buddy “Irish” in Bethany Beach (Submitted photo)

Fishing with my Buddy “Irish” in Bethany Beach (Submitted photo)

I am sure we will see an Indian summer day or two in November, but we will have to wait to see if that happens.

Outdoors column logo by . The water temperatures have dropped more than 10 degrees in the last week. The striped bass are schooling up like crazy from that trigger. The weather has been decent enough to get out and fish. The schooling bass are hitting swim shads, bucktails, and soft plastics on jigheads.

White swim shads or power baits will work well in back bay areas and the surf. There have been a few keepers in these schools but for the most part they are averaging up to 27 inches, just shy of that keeper size.

Small bluefish schools are all over the beaches, inland bays and Delaware Bay. Look for the birds if you are out on a boat, stay above the schools and cast to them.

There have been some false albacore following the smaller bluefish, feeding on them. They will hit metals like silver stingers, deadly dicks and even poppers. They like fast action so you will have to put in some work to hit an albie, but the fight is unlike any other fish that size, especially on lighter tackle.

Now that fall has hit, the surfers and kite boarders are out in full force. There have been some decent waves after some of the storms and during.
The winds recently provided the kite boarders with some serious action. These folks will hit some sick speeds then jump 20 feet into the air and ride the canopy or sail for a bit and land like it was nothing.

Every year we get the fall and winter winds and the kite boarders love those days. So do the windsurfers, I saw a guy once get up to at least 50 miles per hour on a windsurfer on the Delaware Bay.

The surfers look like seals wrapped up in Neoprene, waiting for that next set. The only exposed skin are red faces, from cold water, warm blood, sun and wind. The surfers love this time of year for the better waves and less crowds. Now all they need are a couple of nor’easters or offshore storm swells and the chase is on.

Winter always abides that need, whether we like it or not.

There are plenty of outdoor activities we have yet to enjoy.

The leaves are just starting to turn so hiking the state park trails will be very scenic in a couple of weeks. People on horseback are riding on the beaches, even pulling small carts or carriages. Surf anglers are set up trying for the first migratory striped bass to show up, that is a few weeks out, but you never know unless you put in the time.

Besides no matter what the season, it is still a day at the beach.

Rich King’s column is published in The Delaware State News on Thursdays.

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